Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ted Kennedy refuses to endorse Joe Lieberman

Two nights ago, the senior senator from Massachusetts was asked by Hardball's Chris Matthews if he was going to support the re-election of his colleague, Joe Lieberman. His reply was that he respected Joe Lieberman.... but there was no endorsement and no sign that Kennedy supported his re-election.

Ironically. Lieberman is one of the saving grces of the Democrta party, one of the last bright lights in a party dominated by far leftists like Kennedy, Clinton, Dean, and Pelosi.

Just six years ago, Lieberman was called the "conscience of the senate." Frankly, that doesn't mean much, I mean if it takes a "conscience" to label Bill Clinton's behavior as inappropriate, what does it say about the rest of the senate who refused to pass judgement?


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