Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Maddy Albright all wrong

Ms. Albright appeared on Hannity $ Colmes last night (and was reported in Newsmax today).

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright insisted Tuesday that Sudan never offered to round up Osama bin Laden and extradite him to the U.S. - saying President Clinton's claim to the contrary was "a misstatement."

However, according to a Washington Post Report researched by Barton Gellman after 9/11, he writes in rather lengthy detail how the Clinton administration from the president on down never treated the threat of terrorism as a top priority. (portions of the report are available in my book, Pants on Fire, pages 134-139)

This was verified by Richard Clarke, George Stephanopoulos, and others in the administration.Treasury secretary, Robert Rubin, rejected numerous requests to shut down and disrupt the banking of known Muslim groups who were funding terrorists.
Any way you look at, Bill Clinton was a disaster in combating the terror threat which we will be living with for years to come. And if you think things are bad now under a resolute George Bush, they would be ten times(or more) worse under a less resolute, UN embracing Democrat president.

Dennis Kucinnich versus John Bolton

The more I see John Bolton, the more I realize he was a brilliant appointment to be the US Ambassador to the corrupt and inept United Nations.

Yesterday, Bolton was called before some congressional panel and was grilled by the little the mouse that roared, Dennis Kucinnich. Kucinnich was outraged that after presenting evidence to Bolton that there were US marines on the ground in Iran, Bolton dismissed it.

And what was the source of the marine story? the New Yorker magazine.

So I guess the CIA lies and is unreliable in gathering intelligence, but the New Yorker is a credible source

Ted Kennedy refuses to endorse Joe Lieberman

Two nights ago, the senior senator from Massachusetts was asked by Hardball's Chris Matthews if he was going to support the re-election of his colleague, Joe Lieberman. His reply was that he respected Joe Lieberman.... but there was no endorsement and no sign that Kennedy supported his re-election.

Ironically. Lieberman is one of the saving grces of the Democrta party, one of the last bright lights in a party dominated by far leftists like Kennedy, Clinton, Dean, and Pelosi.

Just six years ago, Lieberman was called the "conscience of the senate." Frankly, that doesn't mean much, I mean if it takes a "conscience" to label Bill Clinton's behavior as inappropriate, what does it say about the rest of the senate who refused to pass judgement?

Monday, May 01, 2006

New Direction

As you can see from the blog header, I will no longer be focussed exclusively on Al Franken - a very, very indecent and bad man.

While I will continue to monitor his activities and any news pertinent to Franken, including his yet to be announced Senate bid in 2008, I will broaden this blog to include important news items of the day by bringing you my perspectives and analysis.

As always, your comments for and against are welcome as long as the profanity is kept to a minimum.