Thursday, March 16, 2006

Al Franken the plagiarist visits Comedy Channel

Last night, liberal funny man Al Franken appeared on the Colbert Report. It was a very funny segment, due in large part to Colbert.

Franken was asked why he hates Bill O'Reilly. Among the litany of reasons, Franken stated that O'Reilly was a hypocrite. Well, if being a hypocrite is a good and mature reason to "hate" somebody, I sure hope Franken doesn't read, Do As I Say, where he might come across the vast examples of hypocrisy from buddy Michael Moore, best buds the Clinton's, and if he looks in the mirror, his own hypocrisy.

When asked why Democrats are better for America than Republicans, he stated that Dems's weren't corrupt. He's right - just ask Al Gore and he'll tell you that there is no controlling legal authority.

The truth is, Franken is a liar, a fraud, a hypocrite, and as I illustrate in lengthy detail in my book, Pants on Fire in chapter 24, Al Franken is also a plagiarist.

I don't think O'Reilly is a plagiarist


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