Friday, February 24, 2006

Oh! The Things Al Doesn't Know

I tuned in for the first 20 minutes of today's show and was stunned to hear what Franken was treating his audience to.

He opened by making fun of Bill O'Reilly for being "so obsessed with sexual predators."

You see, according to Franken, who is a real nuance and substantive kind of guy and a future US Senate candidate, O'Reilly's highlighting the perpetual societal neglect of child abuse and sexual molestation shows that there's something wrong with Bill. For Bill to use the platform of his #1 rated show to protect kids from sexual predators is something to be mocked. The fact that other states are adopting Jessica's Law as a result of O'Reilly's pressure is no big deal. Certainly not as big a deal as, oh, I don't know.... USO Tours maybe?

On the Dubai Port issue, Franken opined that maybe we ought to test Dubai's capabilities by having them secure the Mosques in Iraq from further bombings in light of the recent attacks. Of course Franken was joking, but he, like so many other liberal demagogues don't even understand what it is they are demagoguing. And for a guy like Franken who is "on top of the issues," doesn't he know that Dubai would not be in charge of guarding and securing our ports - That it would be left in US hands?

His third piece of instruction was a real education into why America needs separation of Church and State. He brought up the recent multi continent riots by Islamic hooligans (my term) after the publishing of cartoons in a Danish newspaper. Franken suggested that this was yet another example of the perversion of religion. Well Al was right on one count; those crazy Islamofascists were demonstrating perversion of a religion but that has nothing to do with why we should have separation of Church and State here. While I do support the clause, it's not because I'm afraid that Americans will start behaving like other groups if we didn't have it in our constitution.

I hope the voters of Minnesota are paying attention.


At 4:09 PM, Blogger Political Truth said...

I really get sick of left-wing nut-jobs like Franken and the Air America Crew. I just ran across this hillarious website of a Republican rapper who really puts Janeane Garafalo, Al Franken and Air American in their place.

One of the lines is "You make alot of jokes you publicity feind, Frankin you talk alot, but what does it mean, you try to change the country, but from what I've seen, all you do is tackle old men with Howard Dean".

The website is:

I think the youth of America may finally be ready to show leftist hollywood what we all really feel.

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Uncle Braddah said...

It's nice to know the righties pay as much attention to Franken as the libs do to Limbaugh.


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