Sunday, February 26, 2006

Montana's Governor

Over the last year and half or so, I would occasionally hear Al Franken and one of his semi-regular guests, David Sirota, a hard core leftist activist, sing the praises of Montana Governor, Brian Schweitzer. The Governor, you see, is a Democrat who was elected in a very red state. According to Franken and Sirota, he, Schweitzer, was evidence that a good progressive candidate running on progressive issues can get elected in any state. Truth is, I hadn't done much research on Schweitzer to really know how or what he campaigned on, but I took the word of Al and David, that the Gov. was a good Democrat.

Tonight I watched 60 Minutes and I have to admit I was somewhat impressed with the Governor's demeanor. Leslie Stahl kept referring to his "cowboy swagger." I thought that was odd as Bush's critics refer to his cowboy swagger as a negative.

Anyways, it seems that this good old progressive governor, whom Franken touts as the role model for other Democrats to run, isn't exactly the progressive he was made out to be.

You see, he has a 100% rating from the NRA and selected a Republican as his running mate.

Is this what Franken wants other Democrats to emulate or was Franken once again misleading his audience about who and what Brian Schweitzer is really all about? A hard working guy who has a vision that doesn't include demonizing his opponents.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Oh! The Things Al Doesn't Know

I tuned in for the first 20 minutes of today's show and was stunned to hear what Franken was treating his audience to.

He opened by making fun of Bill O'Reilly for being "so obsessed with sexual predators."

You see, according to Franken, who is a real nuance and substantive kind of guy and a future US Senate candidate, O'Reilly's highlighting the perpetual societal neglect of child abuse and sexual molestation shows that there's something wrong with Bill. For Bill to use the platform of his #1 rated show to protect kids from sexual predators is something to be mocked. The fact that other states are adopting Jessica's Law as a result of O'Reilly's pressure is no big deal. Certainly not as big a deal as, oh, I don't know.... USO Tours maybe?

On the Dubai Port issue, Franken opined that maybe we ought to test Dubai's capabilities by having them secure the Mosques in Iraq from further bombings in light of the recent attacks. Of course Franken was joking, but he, like so many other liberal demagogues don't even understand what it is they are demagoguing. And for a guy like Franken who is "on top of the issues," doesn't he know that Dubai would not be in charge of guarding and securing our ports - That it would be left in US hands?

His third piece of instruction was a real education into why America needs separation of Church and State. He brought up the recent multi continent riots by Islamic hooligans (my term) after the publishing of cartoons in a Danish newspaper. Franken suggested that this was yet another example of the perversion of religion. Well Al was right on one count; those crazy Islamofascists were demonstrating perversion of a religion but that has nothing to do with why we should have separation of Church and State here. While I do support the clause, it's not because I'm afraid that Americans will start behaving like other groups if we didn't have it in our constitution.

I hope the voters of Minnesota are paying attention.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Another entertainer who does USO Tours

As many of you have heard or read, I have been very critical of Al Franken's "Look at me, look at me, I do USO Tours...." attitude. I have always believed that people who do good things for the right reasons don't feel the need to constantly demand the focus be on them.

Besides that, I have been very critical of Franken's skits and parodies that mock and demean our troops, as well as his dismissal of conservative talk show host Melanie Morgan's tour last summer of Iraq which gave our troops the opportunity to speak for themselves about the positive impact they are having in the region, contrary to the daily media negative reporting and Al Franken's desire to see things fall apart so he can attack George Bush and the rest of his administration.

Below is a link to Newsmax with an interview with actor Gary Sinise, who by the way, also does USO Tours, yet he has a different perspective than the media and Al Franken.

Read below:

Monday, February 13, 2006

How Liberals and Conservatives see things differently

As many of you know, I was on BookTV this past Sunday. Below is a link from World Net Daily whose book division, WND Books, published my book, telling of meteoric book sales following my appearance. At the time of their writing the book ranked over 400 on, but actually reached 267.

What was interesting to me was the number of emails from Franken supporters who described me as angry, a fascist,hatemonger,... I watched my appearance twice and just couldn't see, as hard as I tried, to see the angry hatemonger that these people saw.

Others who emailed me didn't bother refuting my points against Al Franken, rather that I'm just another publicity seeking right-winger.

What I draw from this is just how polarized we are as a country and how so many people can be so consumed with anger that they can't argue or advance their own opinions or arguements without lacing it with vulagrity and nasty name calling.

No wonder Al Franken has such a strong following. He's pandering to the angry and bitter folks in this country who prefer verbal assaults than intellectual debate.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Franken denies anybody refutes his "Truth"

In a recent interview with left-leaning web-blog Alternet Franken denied that anybody has refuted his smears and charges from his "Lying Liar" book.

LB: Your last book, "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them," got a lot of press from both right- and left-wing pundits. Have you gotten any particularly ridiculous attacks on this book, any crazy press?

AF: No one ever actually challenges an actual, real fact. They just make these general broadsides about my book: "Oh, The Truth … it really should be called Lies. Oh, I guess that was the other book. I don't really know what to say …

Of course, this is a bald faced lie and Al Franken knows it, because he's acknowleged Pants on Fire when he was a guest on Alan Colmes radio show and in the next series of questions he refers to me as "some guy" who was on O'Reilly..., when Franken, again, knows that I was there in the capacity of "Franken expert" based on my book.

I will be appearing on C-Span's BookTV On Sunday February 12 at 10AM and 7PM est. time for everybody, including Al Franken, to see and listen to the many assertions made by Franken, debunked.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Look who is supporting smear merchants

There can be no question that Al Franken is a smear merchant. He does not expose conservative lies, while maintaining "impossibly high standards."

He is vicious and he is evil.

What I find distressing though, are those who are encouraging and supporting him.

People often ask, "who really takes Al Franken seriously anyways?"

As I cited in my book, the mainstream media hangs on Franken's every word when he is attacking Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly.

According to a recent AP article, reporting on the progress of Franken's new PAC, the Midwest values Pac, Franken has raised nearly $170,000 in the last few month's.

His contributors include: "Seinfeld" co-creator and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Larry David ($5,000); RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser ($5,000); the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC ($5,000), and the United Transportation Union PAC ($5,000).

Who supports our troops?

I was on the O'Reilly Factor this past Monday night to discuss some of the ugly rhetoric from the left against our troops.

The column written by LA Times columnist, Joel Stein, has caused quite a stir by coming right out and saying that he doesn't support our troops and that it is totally inconsistant (I'm using nicer words) to say you're "against the war but for our troops," something we hear quite often from the Democrats.

I was there to defend and explain why Al "I do USO Tours" Franken belongs on that shamefull list of liberals who besmirch the troops.

I cited a number of examples in my book of Franken doing skits and parodies that mock and demean our troops.

One such parody contains the verse:

Sorry ‘bout the prisoners
Sorry they got raped
Sorry they got tortured
Sorry it got taped…
Believe me when I say their apology is sincere
I’m awfully sorry for that broomstick up their rear…

Way to show that love and respect for our guys that you claim to have Al!

Anyhow, I brought up another example. This past summer, conservative talk show hostess, Melanie Morgan, led a delegation of talk show hosts to Iraq to allow the troops to tell Americans what is really happening there and why they believe their mission is so important. Before she left US soil, Franken denounced her and her upcoming trip as "propaganda."

Of course one has to wonder why a guy like Franken who loves and honors our troops would be so upset about allowing the troops to speak for themselves in a positive manner.

Well, I just received word that Melanie won an APTRA Mark Twain award for Best Special Program for "Voices of Soldiers" coverage in Iraq.

Congratulations Melanie, and boo on you Al.