Saturday, January 21, 2006

What are Air America hosts afraid of?

As I have written and spoken about in my radio interviews promoting my book, I cited examples of hate speech and anti-America bashing over at Air America. In fact I have a chapter in my book titled, 'Air-unAmerica'. I cited a quote from night time talker Mike Molloy in which he said, "I hate this country...America is the #1 terrorist nation in the world."

Well, here's a recent column I picked up about Molloy and his intellect.

Talk radio host doesn't want to talk

CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) invited the opposition to come to its meeting next month and talk. Who better to talk to than talkers? So Air America’s Mike Malloy received a polite invitation. After all, last year Al Franken came and broadcast from CPAC’s radio row.

Malloy’s classy response? The Washington Post sanitizes it:

“Um . . . you’re kidding, right? Why would I have any desire whatsoever to attend or participate in a convocation of neo-Nazis????? I had two uncles fight against you [expletive] in WW2. And, now, surprise! surprise! here you all are on US soil. Kindly get the [expletive] off my email. Thanks.”

Yet again confirmation that the left has no confidence in its ability to reason, debate, and win by the strength of its ideas. Instead use the other n-word (isn’t “Nazi” at least as offensive as the other n-word?) and refuse to talk.

When a talk radio host refuses to talk, you know his show hasn’t got much longer to live.


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