Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Guilt by Association

The Democrats and their accomplices in the media are trying to portray President Bush as being corrupt based on some old photographs of President Bush and criminal lobbyist, Jack Abramoff.

Well, uh oh, below is a link to a photo op of Hillary Clinton and drug dealer Jorge Cabrera,


Are we going to see headlines of Hillary Clinton and ties to convicted drug dealers and money launderers?


At 7:11 AM, Blogger CM said...

Congradulations on your book. You found an interesting nitch subject and I hope you continue your great work.

At 7:38 AM, Blogger Vonster said...

Or the pic of Mrs. Carter with John Wayne Gacy....

At 8:25 PM, Blogger W.Clark said...

Alan, Just saw you on BookTV CSPAN2 - Great title for your book.
Thank, you. I never purchased Franken's book as I was already suspect of his "truths". I will now buy his book used as I am certain there will be many many copies available for .02 a dozen. I will put it next to the full priced book from you. I haven't ever noticed but has Hillary or others of that Ilk ever quoted Franken? Is it time to expose them for their idiocy in that regard?

At 8:13 AM, Blogger A. Skorski said...

The Gore's and Clinton's actually helped introduce investors with the suits at Air America to help it launch


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