Monday, December 05, 2005

Al Franken is no Paul Wellstone

On today's program, Franken interviewed Jeff Blodgett, executive director of Wellstone action.

They took time to remember Paul and his legacy.

As I wrote in my book, Paul wellstone was a good man. I didn't agree with him nor would I ever have voted for him. But I did respect him because he was sincere about his beliefs.

I contrast that with Al Franken, who has some fantasy ideas about running for Pauls old seat in 2008.

When paul Wellstone spoke about support for affirmative action he meant it. Unlike Al Franken, who according to different reports, has hired less than a handful of black people out of over 100 applicants.

When paul Wellstone spoke of support for our troops, he didn't send mixed messages. Unlike Al Franken who boasts of his USO Tours then comes back home and makes fun of them on his radio show.

Paul Wellstne was an honest man who conservatives from Tony Snow to Rush Limbaugh respected.

Al Franken is a character assassin and a vicious smear merchant whom few people respect.


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