Monday, November 07, 2005

World Net Daily Promotes New Expose on Al Franken

Is Franken exploiting U.S. troops?
Performs for USO, savages them for 'torture, rape'

Al Franken says he loves to perform for U.S. troops overseas.

"I love and honor our troops," he insists.

Maybe he does while on the USO tours and amid the avalanche of goodwill publicity those tours generate for him when he returns.

But consider this parody, called "Sorry," included on Franken's CD "The O'Franken Factor":

Sorry 'bout the prisoners
Sorry they got raped
Sorry they got tortured
Sorry it got taped ...

Believe me when I say their apology is sincere
I'm awfully sorry for that broomstick up their rear ...

That's just one of the revelations of a new release from WND Books by Alan Skorski called "...Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears and Deceives."

Skorski calls the CD track a "disgusting, humorless, shameless, below-the-belt, filthy parody mocking the troops and our military." He says Franken uses U.S. military troops as "props" to gain recognition and advance his career – all the while undermining their efforts with lies, smears and deceit.

"Many celebrities do good things for the right reasons," says Skorski, "but they don't go out of their way to bring attention to themselves the way Franken does."

Skorski, who tracks Franken's every public move, every public thought, every public deed – and some private ones – and chronicles them in "...Pants on Fire," shows how Franken changes his tune depending on the audience to whom he is playing.

On July 27, 2004, Franken interviewed Sean Hannity on Franken's Air America radio program and challenged the conservative host's patriotism.

"Toward the end of the interview the tone changed from uncomfortable laughter to outright indignation, as Sean charged that the Left's rhetoric against President Bush was undermining our war on terror," he writes. "Franken then angrily charged Sean with having done the same thing when he said that Bill Clinton 'lacked the moral authority' when he began bombing Kosovo. Sean stood firm, denying that his comments were the same as what the Left was doing. Then Franken, about to pop a vein, barked at Sean, 'how many USO tours have you done?' Realizing how foolish he looked, he spent the next few minutes saying, 'I was just joking ... it was a joke ...' Sean, having none of it, said, 'It wasn't funny.'"

But even that story changed dramatically a year later when Franken appeared on David Letterman's program July 10, 2005.

"Franken told Dave and his audience that conservatives don't have a sense of humor. 'I was interviewing Sean ... and I told him that my wife said, 'You don't see Sean Hannity doing any USO tours.'

"'Well, that's not fair, honey, Sean doesn't have any talent.'"

Franken continued, "So it was clearly a joke, and Sean said it wasn't funny, because he doesn't have a sense of humor."


At 6:08 PM, Blogger Jaime R said...

"Sean stood firm, denying that his comments were the same as what the Left was doing"

I'm gonna pull a Hannity:

"No goal, no objective, not until we have those things and a compelling case is made, then I say, back out of it, because innocent people are going to die for nothing. That's why I'm against it"

"Why should one U.S. airman give up his life when our national security is not in imminent danger"

"So they are looking at America, the United States -- we've seen the instances of flags being burned and so on. We are their enemy, you're saying, in the people's minds, and they support him."

"Senator, let me ask this, here, because by all objective analysis and accounts -- we're going to have Colonel Hackworth out here in mere moments, right after the interview that we have with you here tonight -- this mission is failing"

Are these the words of Howard Dean about Iraq? No!!!! They are of Sean Hannity about the war in Kosovo. Why does Hannity not support the troops?

Mr. Skorski, you sir, are a hack. Someone should give you a Peabody.


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