Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Something You'll Never Hear From Al Franken On His USO Tours

This came courtesy of Newsbusters.org

'CSI: NY' Actor Slams Biased Iraq Coverage
Posted by Ken Shepherd on November 8, 2005 - 06:44.

CBS's The Early Show ran a positive story set in Iraq today which cast the work of American troops in a positive light and showed CSI: New York star Gary Sinise airing criticism of negative media coverage. The story by correspondent Hattie Kauffman, however, was a gimmicky plug during "CSI Week" on the Tiffany network's morning show to plug new episodes of the trio of highly-watched CBS crime dramas.

Towards the end of her report on Sinise's charity, Operation Iraqi Children, Kauffman set up Sinise's criticism of the media: "In addition to his performances on the USO tour, Sinise continues to stay in touch with the troops in Iraq. From them, he hears the good news that he complains is overlooked in press coverage."

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Sinise: "I get another side of the story that we don't hear through the media, and it's, you know, more positive things happening than you would think."

Kauffman agreed: "The news reports are a bomb, a car bomb, a suicide bomb."

Sinise continued: "It's always about a bomb or a suicide bomber or somebody getting killed. And, of course, that's dramatic and all of that. But on a day-to-day basis, there's a lot of improvement. There's a lot of hope. There's a lot of kids that are going to school that never got to do that before."


At 8:21 PM, Blogger Indi Joe said...

I am reading "Do As I Say - (Not As I Do)"

The chapter on Al Franken really shows what kind of an ass he really is. This guy is a real bastard when it comes to dealing with people. He really does not care about anyone or anything if it does not benefit or offer a profit to himself.

The ass-clowns on AAR claim it's all lies, but Al Franken himself has not challenged one word of it so far, his only comment was how did the book author get all this information on him.

At 10:02 PM, Blogger Dan McKenzie said...

Sorry can't seem to find an e-mail for you Alan so I'm just inquiring here. I'm wondering what you think about media matters' point by point breakdown of your performance on The Situation. They seem to make good points. And for the hell of it I went back and read the section of Lies and lying liars about the Polk award and he mentions 2 articles in this part. One that he quotes and one that he simply mentions as also having picked up the story. He doesn't really use either as an attack on O'Reilly and without having read the Newsday article I'd assume it mentions the Polk/Peabody controversy. Anyways just interested in how you feel about the mediamatters article and if I'm incorrect about the Newsday article could you email me a copy of it.

Dan McKenzie

At 8:48 AM, Blogger FaultyLogic said...

Hmm, how is this in anyway related to Al Franken? Apparently Mr. Franken wields far more power than any of us realized. Is it his fault that the news is covering people dying in Iraq as opposed to an occasional feel good piece? While I think it's great that some school is up and running in Fallujah, I think the real news is that more Americans, more Iraqi's, indeed more people, are being killed every single day. And this killing is directly attributed to this administration lying to EVERYONE to get us into this war. That is the real news my little misguided friend.

At 10:24 AM, Blogger Rob Kaufman said...

My, you are incredibly stupid and it was nice to see Media Matters take you to the woodshed for your lies. Rant on though, I love when clowns like you dance for me.


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