Monday, November 28, 2005

Al Franken: Same lies, Different Venue

Last week Al Franken appeared on Conan O'Brien to do what else, attack the very people he's parasitically made millions off of.

Below is what he said of Sean Hannity:

From there, looking for the trifecta, O’Brien immediately asked Franken about Sean Hannity. Franken’s response: “I don’t like his show particularly, and I don’t really like him.” He then related a story about a discussion that he had with Hannity at last year’s Democratic convention:

“And, I said something like, ‘You know, my wife says to me you don’t see Sean Hannity going on any USO tours to Iraq. And I said, ‘Honey, that’s not fair. He has no talent.’ And Sean says to me, ‘That’s not funny.’ And I said, ‘Yes it is.’” (Laughter).

The truth is, and it's in my book, is that Franken lashed out at Hannity during his interview at the Democrat convention because Sean said that his criticism of Clinton's bombing of Kosovo was not as bad as the Democrat rhetoric against President Bush's war efforts.

Franken then yelled at him: "How many USO tours have you done?"

Franken NEVER said, "my wife said..."

He's repeated this lie/joke before. most recently when he appeared on David Letterman over the summer.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What Really Happened to katherine? Part 2

Katherine Lanpher left Al's side in the early fall in order to write her memoirs of moving from Minnesota to New York. According to Air America, Time Warner wanted the book done and ready to go by January 2006, an unusually aggresive turnaround time for a book.

As of this morning Time Warner will be releasing the book in October of 2006.

All of this begs the following questions:

What was the real reason Katherine left Air America so abruptly?

was she forced into early retirement?

Did she see the writing on the wall regarding Air America's future?

Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

What Really Happened to katherine?

A couple of month's back, Franken's co-host, the adorable katherine Lanpher departed to write a book.

According to Air America, Katherine was signed by warner Bros., one of the premier publishers in the industry, to write a memoir of her moves from Minnesota to New York.

Not that I see a book of this nature burning up the charts, but what do I know.

Yet this morning, when asked by Don Imus about her departure, Franken said that she left the show because she wasn't interested in moving back to Minnesota when Al goes there in January

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Turn

It's been a fun couple of days, what with getting attacked on my blog because some bloggers thought I was somebody else, and having David Brock look into my past, what more could an author ask for.

I appeared on The Situation with Tucker Carlson this past Monday night to promote my new upcoming book, Pants on Fire:How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives (WND Books)

Well Brock being Brock, sprung into action. His opening salvo against me was about how much money I raised in my congressional run back in 2002. Somehow my campaign is a joke but Howard Dean who raised more money than G-d, still managed to lose, is someone to be taken seriously.

Then Brock got to the good stuff.

For example, he criticized me for saying that information about min. wage earners, and how Franken smeared Rush on this subject, was in my book but that I didn't provide any information on the show. What Brock doesn't tell his subscribers is that Carlson gave me one minute to wrap things up, making it impossible to elaborate.

Then I spent the rest of the day arguing with Brockanoids who said that Brock exposed me, and they cited the numbers from The Bureau of Labor Statistics to back up their point. For example, Brock wrote,"Also, the BLS data clearly demonstrate that the vast majority of minimum wage earners are 20 and older -- refuting Skorski's claim that Franken "made up" the data." The problem with that of course, is that there is no age bracket or category for "people over 20." Never mind that Brock is reading from the wrong column on the BLS site. A portion of the narrative from the BLS reads as follows:

2.9 million Americans (out of 72.9 million who are paid by the hour) earn minimum wage or less.
With that being the case, it's very hard to understand where Al Franken came up with 60.1% of minimum wage earners in America are adults (a category which doesn't exist in the BLS study)

On the whole Peabody/Polk award issue, since Brock is not privy to my countless email exchanges with Franken on this matter, it is impossible for him to know what I was basing my accusations against Franken on.
Making the rest of his attack moot, and all of his supporters who emailed me such lovely emails having once again been duped by Brock

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Something You'll Never Hear From Al Franken On His USO Tours

This came courtesy of

'CSI: NY' Actor Slams Biased Iraq Coverage
Posted by Ken Shepherd on November 8, 2005 - 06:44.

CBS's The Early Show ran a positive story set in Iraq today which cast the work of American troops in a positive light and showed CSI: New York star Gary Sinise airing criticism of negative media coverage. The story by correspondent Hattie Kauffman, however, was a gimmicky plug during "CSI Week" on the Tiffany network's morning show to plug new episodes of the trio of highly-watched CBS crime dramas.

Towards the end of her report on Sinise's charity, Operation Iraqi Children, Kauffman set up Sinise's criticism of the media: "In addition to his performances on the USO tour, Sinise continues to stay in touch with the troops in Iraq. From them, he hears the good news that he complains is overlooked in press coverage."

Video available: Real Player or Windows Media Player

Sinise: "I get another side of the story that we don't hear through the media, and it's, you know, more positive things happening than you would think."

Kauffman agreed: "The news reports are a bomb, a car bomb, a suicide bomb."

Sinise continued: "It's always about a bomb or a suicide bomber or somebody getting killed. And, of course, that's dramatic and all of that. But on a day-to-day basis, there's a lot of improvement. There's a lot of hope. There's a lot of kids that are going to school that never got to do that before."

Franken Supports Our Troops

In Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives, I give many examples of Franken talking one way when he wants to show his patriotic colors and yet at other times he mocks and parodies our troops when trying to curry favor with other audiences.

He's lashed out at Brit Hume and Rush Limbaugh for dissing and demoralizing our troops...

So I found this last paragraph from a Reuters interview with Franken most telling:

"You don't stand up and say 'Your president is lying to you and you are dying for no reason.' I don't do that joke."

Geez, Al. I hope the families and troops themselves don't read that joke that you don't do to their faces (just behind their backs)

A "Dunderhead" Proves My Point

While I have no intention of responding to "reviewers" on my Amazon page, this is one that I just couldn't pass up.

In my book Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives, One of the things I point out is how Franken, and sometimes his sock puppet, David Brock, will attack someone with documentation that actually proves the attackee was being truthful and accurate.

Last night, while appearing on MSNBC's 'The Situation with Tucker Carlson,' I pointed out that Al Franken's favorite smear agaimst Rush Limbaugh is that Rush lied when he said that the majority of minimum wage earners in America are teenagers. According to Franken, who is "scrupulous about our facts," The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that 60.1% of minimum wage earners in America are adults (or of adult age). On the show and in my book I provide the actual data and graph from the Bureau to show that Franken was wrong and his data was not even close.

So this so-called "reviewer" on my Amazon page said that I was the one lying and posted the Bureau's data to prove it. However, if you read the data closely, you see that the majority of minimum wage earners "tend to be young," proving my point.

Not surprisingly, the "reviewers" log-in name is "Nobody"

Reviewer: Nobody
"Nobody checks Bureau of Labor Statistics"
At least that's what Alan Skorski would like to be the case. However, his lies about Al Franken encouraged me to do so. I easily discovered that in his failed attempt to legitimize Limbaugh's lie that most people that earn min wage are teens he distorted readily available official Minimum Wage Earner Statistics. For his shining moment on TV, that was the best he could do. That doesn't bode well for the rest of his book. Don't waste you time or money unless you are a someone who accepts lies and propaganda over studied and accurate truth. Skorski is a poster child for lies and the lying liers who tell them.

"Minimum wage workers tend to be young. About half of all hourly-paid workers earning $5.15 or less were under age 25, and about one-fourth were age 16-19. Among teenagers, about 9 percent earned $5.15 or less. About 2 percent of workers age 25 and over earned the minimum wage or less. Among those age 65 and over, the proportion was 4 percent. (See table 1 and table 7.)"

Of course, this "reviewer" also left out another little detail. That is, that the percentages given of min. wage earners are of hourly paid workers, and not a percentage of all workers. According to the Bureau, approx. 2% of all 72 million hourly paid workers in America earn the min. wage. Quite different from the 60.1% (of adults) Al Franken claims.

Monday, November 07, 2005

World Net Daily Promotes New Expose on Al Franken

Is Franken exploiting U.S. troops?
Performs for USO, savages them for 'torture, rape'

Al Franken says he loves to perform for U.S. troops overseas.

"I love and honor our troops," he insists.

Maybe he does while on the USO tours and amid the avalanche of goodwill publicity those tours generate for him when he returns.

But consider this parody, called "Sorry," included on Franken's CD "The O'Franken Factor":

Sorry 'bout the prisoners
Sorry they got raped
Sorry they got tortured
Sorry it got taped ...

Believe me when I say their apology is sincere
I'm awfully sorry for that broomstick up their rear ...

That's just one of the revelations of a new release from WND Books by Alan Skorski called "...Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears and Deceives."

Skorski calls the CD track a "disgusting, humorless, shameless, below-the-belt, filthy parody mocking the troops and our military." He says Franken uses U.S. military troops as "props" to gain recognition and advance his career – all the while undermining their efforts with lies, smears and deceit.

"Many celebrities do good things for the right reasons," says Skorski, "but they don't go out of their way to bring attention to themselves the way Franken does."

Skorski, who tracks Franken's every public move, every public thought, every public deed – and some private ones – and chronicles them in "...Pants on Fire," shows how Franken changes his tune depending on the audience to whom he is playing.

On July 27, 2004, Franken interviewed Sean Hannity on Franken's Air America radio program and challenged the conservative host's patriotism.

"Toward the end of the interview the tone changed from uncomfortable laughter to outright indignation, as Sean charged that the Left's rhetoric against President Bush was undermining our war on terror," he writes. "Franken then angrily charged Sean with having done the same thing when he said that Bill Clinton 'lacked the moral authority' when he began bombing Kosovo. Sean stood firm, denying that his comments were the same as what the Left was doing. Then Franken, about to pop a vein, barked at Sean, 'how many USO tours have you done?' Realizing how foolish he looked, he spent the next few minutes saying, 'I was just joking ... it was a joke ...' Sean, having none of it, said, 'It wasn't funny.'"

But even that story changed dramatically a year later when Franken appeared on David Letterman's program July 10, 2005.

"Franken told Dave and his audience that conservatives don't have a sense of humor. 'I was interviewing Sean ... and I told him that my wife said, 'You don't see Sean Hannity doing any USO tours.'

"'Well, that's not fair, honey, Sean doesn't have any talent.'"

Franken continued, "So it was clearly a joke, and Sean said it wasn't funny, because he doesn't have a sense of humor."

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Do As I Say

There's been a big broohaha as of late as to whether Al Franken would sue author, Peter Schweizer, over material written about Franken in his book.

According to Schweizer, Franken's lawyer is not objecting to the content of the book, just on how the author was able to obtain the information he got.

What most people don't know, however, is that Franken attacked this book a few month's ago on his show. The ONLY thing that Franken addressed was one sentence that appeared in parenthesis and had to do with Franken sending one of his kids to a school that teaches abstinence education "plus." This was Franken's attempt to make the author look ridiculous since Franken supports abstinence education plus.

Of course, Franken ignored the other 18 pages written about him, which might lead one to believe that Franken only accepts challenges he knows he can win.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More truth about 'The Truth'

As I promised last week, I will continue to post rebuttals, albeit in brief, to some of Franken's points from his new book.

On page 64, he made fun of President Bush's speech at the Republican convention for "being strong after 9/11, not before."

"True to form, the president made no apologies for his inaction before 9/11. Rather, he called the nation's attention to the attitude he adopted immediately after."

Well, I'm not sure what the president was supposed to apologize for, but notice, that even according to Franken the president became resolute after one terrorist attack. Now let's contrast that with Bill Clinton's "get tough" attitude on terrorism.
We had the bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudia Arabia, the bombings of US embassies in Africa, the slaughter of US troops in Somailia, and who can ever forget Bill Clinton's "were gonna get you" speech following the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen.

On page 68, Franken reverts back to his satitrical mode by allowing John Kerry (again, this was satire and John Kerry didn't really write this) to add some prose to Franken's book. He writes,

"but I harbor no bitterness toward those who did not vote for me."

Here's the funny part though, do you remember the badgering John Kerry gave one old man at a town hall meeting when Kerry demanded to know what his party affiliation was? Just wondering.

On page 69 Franken really hits the jackpot and exposes Republicans dirty tricks.

"If you run for president as a Democrat, they're going to come after you."

My g-d, is Franken serious? Shall we list all the Republicans who were targeted by the Clinton smear machine? Shall we talk to Billy Dale who was the target of the Clinton's in the travelgate scandal? Shall we talk about conservative groups who were audited by the IRS every year during the Clinton administration? Shall we talk about the NAACP political ads that said that voting for Republicans would lead to more church burnings? Shall we talk about forged documents to make it look like George Bush was guilty of AWOL? Shall we talk about certain documentaries that portrayed President Bush as being cozy comfy buddy buddy with Bin Laden?

This list can go on and on and on and on...............

My next posting will deal with what Franken wrote were the ugly lies by the Swift Boat Vets for Truth.