Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Preview of 'The Truth'

Though I hate to promote or criticize something before I've actually seen it, I just can't help myself in giving an early review, or in this case, a rebuke to Al Franken's upcoming book, The Truth .

I am posting my criticisms based on the promo points he's listed on Amazon. These are, in his opinion, the reasons you should buy his book, which no doubt, will sell very well.

They told us that when we invaded, we'd be greeted with sweets and flowers. They left out the crucial modifier: "exploding."

Now how many times are we going to hear Franken complain that our troops didn't receive sweets (chocolates) and flowers? Well, obviously many, especially if you are a regular listener to his radio program. You'd think Franken had FTD stock or something to be this damn angry that there were no flowers or chocolates. Al doesn't seem to be satisfied that millions of Iraqi's risked their lives to vote for a free Iraq. He just wants those sweets and flowers.

George W. Bush wants to amend our Constitution to make it illegal for gays to marry. But evidently, he has no problem with terrorists getting married. America can't afford a president who is soft on terrorist marriage. Because unlike gays, terrorists can breed.

Okay, very funny Al. But if you really want to go back to who started the divisive gay marriage issue fight, it was not President Bush, but San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome, the courts in Massachusets, and the Mayor of New Palz New York. They started it, they were the ones looking for a confrontation, they're the ones who openly and brazenly broke the law, (oh yea, that thing) and the president of the United States responded properly and professionaly.

The FristCam Act of 2005 would place a video camera in every one of America's Intensive Care Units. The FristCams would pan the ICUs, and the Senate Majority Leader would give each patient a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down.

It's nice to know that while millions of Americans grieved together with Terri's family, Franken somehow managed to find the humor in it all. I could respond even more, but I don't want to spoil the chapter in my book (that I hope you'll purchase). It's titled: 'How Al Franken and the Left Dehumanized Terri Schiavo.' I'm sure that it's not as comical as Franken's chapter on the subject, but then again, I'm not a talented satirist like Al is.

Bin Laden must have been furious. Here he had gone to all this trouble to murder thousands of Americans, and Saddam—Saddam, the infidel!—was getting all the credit! Who was the head of al Qaeda?! Who was funding al Qaeda?! Somewhere along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border there was a very angry terrorist mastermind.

Now that's odd. I could have sworn I remember hearing Michael Moore and Howard Dean say that Bin Laden is innocent until proven guilty. Oh well. I'm sure that Bin Laden's top lieutenants are getting a big laugh out of all this as they sit in US prisons.

From what I understand, if you cut out all the passages in the Bible where Jesus talks about the poor, about helping out the least among us, you'd have the perfect container to smuggle Rush Limbaugh's drugs in.

It's amazing how the secular Left who want ALL
symbols of Christianity removed from the public square are always telling the rest of us what Jesus would do. And as far as Rush's "drugs" are concerned, at least he wasn't doing cocaine when he was on the job, hey Al?

The number Bush kept using, $11 trillion, represented the total shortfall from now until the year Infinity. If you think about it, $11 trillion over Infinity years is nothing. Over the first 11 trillion years, that's just one dollar a year. Easy. After that, it's over. You're done. What, exactly, is the problem?

I guess when Bill Clinton was in office, Democrats thought social security needed fixing, but when a Republican is in office, they think social security has never been in better shape and the president is just looking to help his buddies on Wall Street.

Well folks, this is my preview. I look forward to reading Al's new book as I'm sure that he is looking forward to reading mine.


At 8:30 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Are you actually supporting these fallacious arguments? He doesn't appear to be making any kind of liar out of Franken at all, but, rather, is using straw man to "tear down" his ideas. As for that gay marriage analysis, I think he should look up the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996. Or perhaps the thousands of years of repression of gays. Though I'm glad he could sum up a complicated issue like that by giving a history of the last 5 years. Perhaps he can solve the problem of Israel and the Middle East by giving a 15 year history.

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Re: The Bill Frist comment.
Don't you recognize satire? I guess first, though, timeline: His comment was not made "while" the case was ongoing. But then "isn't it nice to know" that as it was going on, the Republican leadership in Congress circulated a memo touting the political capital to be gained by joining in the fray. I hope (whoever you are) that that figures prominently in whatever it is you "publish."

But Franken's real point, I read, is the hypocracy of a man who looks a brief video of a patient - who had years of care by trained (and present!) physicians - and thinks he can make a more learned diagnosis of an obviously complicated condition - then when confronted with the fact that his video "diagnosis" was wrong says he never made a diagnosis.

If you don't think Frist was "dehumanizing" Terri Schiavo by using her for political points, then why, if the issue was so important to him that he went in front of cameras to push his superficial diagnosis and cause all the commotion, did he not GO to see the patient?


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