Friday, October 28, 2005

More lies from 'The Truth'

As promised, I will post incrementally, different "rebuttal-worthy" material from Franken's new book.

I almost feel bad for this guy. Plummeting ratings on his radio show, now a book, though selling very well for now, is doing so only because of his last best seller. This book could never stand alone on its own merits.

On page 28 Franken attempts to make the case that all the terror alerts prior to the 2004 elections were nothing more than part of a "fear" campaign to make voters vote for Bush. He cites as his evidence, that there weren't any alerts following the elections. This was very clever because I remember him saying the samething when he was on with Bill Maher last year.
One problem with that brilliant analysis.
In order for Bin Laden to disrupt our elections as they did in Spain, the attacks would have to take place BEFORE the actual elections. After November 2, it really wouldn't change the outcome of the race.

On page 40, Franken writes as he has in the past, that George Bush could have prevented 9/11 had he accepted the classifed evidence from the prior administration. But no, according to Franken, Bush's "animus" towards the Clinton's prevented that.
But according to Richard Clarke who was a security advisor to Bill Clinton and stayed on for Bush, stated that there was no animus, and that they wouldn't have kept him on had there been.

On page 57, Franken writes that Kadhaffi abandoned his links to terrorism, not because he feared President Bush who removed Saddam from power. No, of course not. According to Franken, it was because of the diplomacy that was initiated during the Clinton administration.
I shouldn't even have to respond to that one.

On page 63, Franken writes that Rudy Guilliani lied to America when he spoke at the Republican convention and said that when 9/11 happened, he said "thank g-d George Bush is our president." And how does Franken know that Rudy was lying and didn't really feel that way? Because in his book, Leadership, Guilliani made no mention of that being his feelings that day.

That's it for now. More to come next week.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger U.E. said...

There is a great Al Franken cartoon here:
Check it out.... Your going to love it !

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Nicho said...

I have a couple of observations.

1.) I find it funny that you would cite Richard Clarke as a source. According to everyone on the right, everything Clarke said was a lie.

2.) When stating that Franken is lying, saying "I shouldn't even have to respond to that one," is kind of defeating your own argument. If you are refuting an alleged lie, isn't it the purpose to respond to it?

3.) You make the assumption that bin Laden wanted to attack based on defeating Bush. Has it occurred to you that bin Laden doesn't care who the President is? Do you actually believe he cares either way? I, personally, do not. I think he just wants all Americans either dead or fundamentalist Islam.

Man, I hope your book is a bit more thought out than this post.


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