Sunday, October 16, 2005

David Brock Rehashing Clinton's Scandals

Frankly, I am sick and tired of polling.

Do you think the President should have done this or that?

Do you view him more favorably or less favorably?

Which President would you rather have a beer with?

Does this President care about poor people?

ENOUGH with the polling already!

We'd all be so much better off if we just did what we were supposed to do to - take care of ourselves and families and be less preoccupied with meaningless polls which can change on a dime.

But it seems that David Brock just can't leave things alone. G-d forbid anybody criticize Bill Clinton, a man Brock spent a great many hours digging up dirt on, albeit true dirt.

In his October 14 posting Brock wrote:

Matalin falsely claimed that Reagan and Clinton's second-term approval ratings were "similar" to Bush's current low in the polls

So Brock really wants to set the record straight for all of us.

Going back and doing a little digging myself, I found a CNN/Gallup poll from January 5, 2001. One that I'm sure Brock and other Clinton fans would be happy to be reminded of:

Poll: Majority of Americans glad Clinton is leaving office

In your view, will Clinton mostly be remembered as president for his accomplishments, or his involvement in personal scandal?
Scandal 68%
Accomplishments 28

Do you generally think Bill Clinton is honest and trustworthy?
Yes 39%
No 58

Yea, these are numbers I would really be proud of. And if I were Bill Clinton, I'd be really thankful to David Brock for bringing this topic up again


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