Sunday, October 30, 2005

Alan Colmes Stands up to....Al Franken

This past Thursday night, October 28th, Alan Colmes who has been the butt of Franken's demeaning jokes, had a chance to turn the tables on Franken, and turn the tables he did.

In his last book, Lies... Franken portrayed Colmes as nothing more than Hannity's water carrier. Though Franken apparently apologized later for it. In his most recent Book, The Truth... Franken once again demeaned Colmes by referring to him as Hannity's "goofy sidekick." Colmes was so upset at not only being demeaned again by Franken, but that it followed what he thought was a a sincere apology from Franken, after the last insult.

Colmes spent the first half of the interview giving Franken a piece of his mind, telling him that his word doesn't mean anything...and that his apologies are meaningless.

You can listen to the exchange at:, or at least as long as Colmes leaves it up his site.


At 9:27 PM, Blogger Frank Walton said...

Wow, I liked that audio! Colmes really gave it to Franken. Colmes is probably among the few liberals I can listen to... because I actually learn from him! But, Franken had it coming and Colmes didn't hold back.

At 10:29 PM, Blogger Juneau Smog said...

Probably the most backbone I've ever heard from Alan. Poor pathetic little guy. Al did feel genuinely bad though. If by vitriol one means "bitterly abusive" then I would have to agree that Al tends to reserve that for the book in the two instances only he refered to Colmes when he said he was a "goofy sidekick" and "I think it's called the Hannity Show, but I'm too lazy to look it up", instead of in person where he was openly apologetic for 10 minutes, which was way longer than it took to read those two instances out of the 335 pages in the book. Colmes is waay too sensi pants. Do people even read this blog much less A. Skorski's book? I mean Al's debuted at number one....



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