Sunday, October 30, 2005

Alan Colmes Stands up to....Al Franken

This past Thursday night, October 28th, Alan Colmes who has been the butt of Franken's demeaning jokes, had a chance to turn the tables on Franken, and turn the tables he did.

In his last book, Lies... Franken portrayed Colmes as nothing more than Hannity's water carrier. Though Franken apparently apologized later for it. In his most recent Book, The Truth... Franken once again demeaned Colmes by referring to him as Hannity's "goofy sidekick." Colmes was so upset at not only being demeaned again by Franken, but that it followed what he thought was a a sincere apology from Franken, after the last insult.

Colmes spent the first half of the interview giving Franken a piece of his mind, telling him that his word doesn't mean anything...and that his apologies are meaningless.

You can listen to the exchange at:, or at least as long as Colmes leaves it up his site.

Friday, October 28, 2005

More lies from 'The Truth'

As promised, I will post incrementally, different "rebuttal-worthy" material from Franken's new book.

I almost feel bad for this guy. Plummeting ratings on his radio show, now a book, though selling very well for now, is doing so only because of his last best seller. This book could never stand alone on its own merits.

On page 28 Franken attempts to make the case that all the terror alerts prior to the 2004 elections were nothing more than part of a "fear" campaign to make voters vote for Bush. He cites as his evidence, that there weren't any alerts following the elections. This was very clever because I remember him saying the samething when he was on with Bill Maher last year.
One problem with that brilliant analysis.
In order for Bin Laden to disrupt our elections as they did in Spain, the attacks would have to take place BEFORE the actual elections. After November 2, it really wouldn't change the outcome of the race.

On page 40, Franken writes as he has in the past, that George Bush could have prevented 9/11 had he accepted the classifed evidence from the prior administration. But no, according to Franken, Bush's "animus" towards the Clinton's prevented that.
But according to Richard Clarke who was a security advisor to Bill Clinton and stayed on for Bush, stated that there was no animus, and that they wouldn't have kept him on had there been.

On page 57, Franken writes that Kadhaffi abandoned his links to terrorism, not because he feared President Bush who removed Saddam from power. No, of course not. According to Franken, it was because of the diplomacy that was initiated during the Clinton administration.
I shouldn't even have to respond to that one.

On page 63, Franken writes that Rudy Guilliani lied to America when he spoke at the Republican convention and said that when 9/11 happened, he said "thank g-d George Bush is our president." And how does Franken know that Rudy was lying and didn't really feel that way? Because in his book, Leadership, Guilliani made no mention of that being his feelings that day.

That's it for now. More to come next week.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Truth about 'The Truth'

Rather than give an overall critique of the book, I have decided to break it down to several postings to highlight what I like/don't like about the book. Too much writing will lose the interest of the reader.

For starters, I like the book cover. Like his last book, the art department did an excellent job with graphics, spacing, letter colors,...They even manage to make Al look semi-good looking, as opposed to the picture of him on the cover of my book.

The title is clever, but the subtitle is misleading. I have read the first 11 chapters and I have yet to laugh at anything with the intensity that I did reading Al's last book. And just to show that I can be objective, I even emailed Al as I completed, Lies...telling him that the book had very funny parts and that it was a very enjoyable read, even if I didn't agree with him.

I cannot make that claim with this book. In fact, I could be that guy who Franken clobbered on his much criticized video promotion. Throughout the early chapters he mentions quite a few times about how he had written this or that in "my last book, Lies and the Lying Liars..." as if he is still trying to get that Amazon ranking higher for a book that was released two years ago.

Like many on the left who couldn't let go of Bush winning in 2000, Franken can't seem to let go of Kerry losing in 2004. Blaming the non-stop smears of the Bush machine because everybody knows that Democrats never ever attack their Republican opponents.

Franken still can't get over the fact that a PDB that said something to the effect that "Bin Laden determined to strike" wasn't immediately understood by the Bush Administration to mean that on September 11, 2001 planes would be hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center. And this mind you after Franken accuses the Bush camp of using fear tactics to turn out the vote.
Can you imagine the outrage from the left and the media if President Bush had relied on a PDB to inform Americans that we are about to come under attack? They would have criticized him for using this to distract people from the fact that he stolen the election from Al Gore.

More postings on The Truth with (lame) Jokes to continue

Franken loses...Again

While some of you think I take great pleasure at seeing Al and Air America sink further into irrelevance, nothing could be further from the truth.

Though my reasons are strictly for personal financial gain, I must admit. The more successful Al is, the more books exposing him as a character assassin and fraud, not to mention a doomed US Senate candidate, I'll be able to sell.

So it brings me no pleasure to report some recent ratings numbers:

Below are their rankings among all AM and FM programming for Persons 12+
in New York:

Host Share Avg. Quarter Hour Rank (all AM/FM
(Persons 12+) (Persons 12+) programming-persons 12+)
Rush Limbaugh 4.8 159,400 3
Al Franken 1.4 47,800 23
Jerry Springer 1.0 30,100 27

In Los Angeles:

Host Share Avg. Quarter Hour Rank (all AM/FM
(Persons 12+) (Persons 12+) programming-persons 12+)
Rush Limbaugh 4.8 112,700 1
Al Franken 1.3 29,500 28
Ed Shultz 0.9 22,900 33

And in Chicago:

Host Share Avg. Quarter Hour Rank (all AM/FM
(Persons 12+) (Persons 12+) programming-persons 12+)
Rush Limbaugh 5.9 96,300 1
Al Franken 0.9 14,900 29
Ed Shultz 0.9 14,300 31
Jerry Springer 0.4 6,500

SOURCE: Premiere Radio Networks

Harriet Miers and Harry Reid

In a blaring headline, Harry Reid, Minority leader of the flailing Democrat Party declared:

‘Radical Right Wing Killed Miers’

Does this mean that Reid supported her nomination?

Do the American people need any further evidence that the Democrats are not to be trusted when it comes to, amongst other things, picking judges?

Here was somebody who was so clearly unquailifed to sit on the nation's highest court and Reid is upset.

Doesn't Harry Reid listen to Franken's radio show anymore? I certainly got a taste of Miers's intellect when Al read some memo's she had written earlier to President Bush.

Clearly this was someone unqualified, regardless of ideology or political affiliation

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More lies from 'The Truth'

On October 25, as Franken was making the rounds promoting his new book, one morning stop included a nice little chat with Matt Lauer.

Here is a brief exchange towards the closing of the love-fest:

Lauer: "You don’t have a solution for the problem we’re in Iraq right now. That fair to say?"

Franken: "That’s very fair to say. We do this on my show, I have a three hour show everyday on Air America and we talk to conservatives and we talk to liberals and we talk to people trying to figure out, ‘cause we’ve been put in a terrible situation there.

So what's my problem? Take a gander at line #2 from Franken, "...and we talk to conservatives"

Really? Al talks to conservatives?

Rather than go over to Al Franken's show blog and copy/paste his daily guests, here is the url to check for yourself:

Look for the conservative guest and please feel free to post on my blog if you find any and how many times "we talk to conservatives."

Monday, October 24, 2005

Rove and Scooter should be Executed

Want to hear some Franken jokes?

Get ready to bust a gut or even pee in your pants.

This past Friday, while a guest on Letterman's show, Franken made the following jokes
about Rove and Libby regarding the Valerie Plame investigation:

"And so basically, what it looks like is going to happen is that Libby and Karl Rove are going to be executed...”

"...but they are going to be executed it looks like."

Done laughing yet?

Or maybe this wasn't a joke after all. I mean if Ann Coulter can be demonized repeatedly for saying it's too bad that Timothy McVeigh didn't bomb the NY Times instead of the federal bldg in Oklahoma, then why is Franken getting a pass?

Because he's a satirist and Ann isn't!!!

Isn't that something that Bin Laden is innocent until proven guilty but Rove and Libby should be executed?

One thing I haven't yet been able to understand. If Rove's alleged outing of the fair Valerie was an attempt to "get even with her husband Joe" how does outing her get even?

Wouldn't it have made more sense to dig up some dirt on him? He recently decribed himself as a child of the 60's who had too many wives and too much drugs...and did inhale.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Preview of 'The Truth'

Though I hate to promote or criticize something before I've actually seen it, I just can't help myself in giving an early review, or in this case, a rebuke to Al Franken's upcoming book, The Truth .

I am posting my criticisms based on the promo points he's listed on Amazon. These are, in his opinion, the reasons you should buy his book, which no doubt, will sell very well.

They told us that when we invaded, we'd be greeted with sweets and flowers. They left out the crucial modifier: "exploding."

Now how many times are we going to hear Franken complain that our troops didn't receive sweets (chocolates) and flowers? Well, obviously many, especially if you are a regular listener to his radio program. You'd think Franken had FTD stock or something to be this damn angry that there were no flowers or chocolates. Al doesn't seem to be satisfied that millions of Iraqi's risked their lives to vote for a free Iraq. He just wants those sweets and flowers.

George W. Bush wants to amend our Constitution to make it illegal for gays to marry. But evidently, he has no problem with terrorists getting married. America can't afford a president who is soft on terrorist marriage. Because unlike gays, terrorists can breed.

Okay, very funny Al. But if you really want to go back to who started the divisive gay marriage issue fight, it was not President Bush, but San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome, the courts in Massachusets, and the Mayor of New Palz New York. They started it, they were the ones looking for a confrontation, they're the ones who openly and brazenly broke the law, (oh yea, that thing) and the president of the United States responded properly and professionaly.

The FristCam Act of 2005 would place a video camera in every one of America's Intensive Care Units. The FristCams would pan the ICUs, and the Senate Majority Leader would give each patient a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down.

It's nice to know that while millions of Americans grieved together with Terri's family, Franken somehow managed to find the humor in it all. I could respond even more, but I don't want to spoil the chapter in my book (that I hope you'll purchase). It's titled: 'How Al Franken and the Left Dehumanized Terri Schiavo.' I'm sure that it's not as comical as Franken's chapter on the subject, but then again, I'm not a talented satirist like Al is.

Bin Laden must have been furious. Here he had gone to all this trouble to murder thousands of Americans, and Saddam—Saddam, the infidel!—was getting all the credit! Who was the head of al Qaeda?! Who was funding al Qaeda?! Somewhere along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border there was a very angry terrorist mastermind.

Now that's odd. I could have sworn I remember hearing Michael Moore and Howard Dean say that Bin Laden is innocent until proven guilty. Oh well. I'm sure that Bin Laden's top lieutenants are getting a big laugh out of all this as they sit in US prisons.

From what I understand, if you cut out all the passages in the Bible where Jesus talks about the poor, about helping out the least among us, you'd have the perfect container to smuggle Rush Limbaugh's drugs in.

It's amazing how the secular Left who want ALL
symbols of Christianity removed from the public square are always telling the rest of us what Jesus would do. And as far as Rush's "drugs" are concerned, at least he wasn't doing cocaine when he was on the job, hey Al?

The number Bush kept using, $11 trillion, represented the total shortfall from now until the year Infinity. If you think about it, $11 trillion over Infinity years is nothing. Over the first 11 trillion years, that's just one dollar a year. Easy. After that, it's over. You're done. What, exactly, is the problem?

I guess when Bill Clinton was in office, Democrats thought social security needed fixing, but when a Republican is in office, they think social security has never been in better shape and the president is just looking to help his buddies on Wall Street.

Well folks, this is my preview. I look forward to reading Al's new book as I'm sure that he is looking forward to reading mine.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Franken's Ratings Plummet....Again

I've had a number of email exchanges and blog postings challenging my assertion that Franken's audience is diminishing.

"hey, Air America is on 70 stations!"

Wow, a whole 70. And just think, he's been on the air for a year and half.

Franken opened today's show by stating that his audience is growing, and that he has over 1 million listeners. Now there is no way for me to verify or confirm those numbers. But I was able to copy/paste this paragraph from yesterday's Washington Post about Franken's ratings in the very liberal Washington DC:

Air America, the liberal talk network carried on WWRC-AM (1260), went from bad to nonexistent. After WWRC recorded a mere fraction of a rating point in the spring with syndicated shows from the likes of lefty talkers Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo and Stephanie Miller, Arbitron couldn't detect a measurable listenership for the station this time around.

A Ringing Endorsement of Al Franken

A few weeks ago, Al Franken appeared in Maine for some political fundraising and rabble rousing with the party faithful. One of the attendees who actually appeared on stage was Maine Governor, John Baldacci. According to new reports, Michael Leavitt, the executive director of the Maine Republican Party slammed the governor for standing side-by-side with such a divisive figure as Franken.

In a recent interview with the Bowdoin Orient, the governor had a chance to fire back and defend the integrity of such a fine outstanding man like Franken. Here is an exchange between the interviewer Evan Kohn and the governor.

EK: Bowdoin students saw you a few weeks ago introducing Al Franken at Bowdoin. How would you respond to criticism regarding your appearance with an arguably controversial figure like Al Franken.

GJB: (Laughter) Well, you know...look, I don't defend Al Franken and Al Franken doesn't defend me. You know, I represent myself, and I just thought it was a great turnout there and I thought there was a lot of enthusiasm there. I think if there are those attempts to undercut that kind of support and say that people were being divisive...I don't think so. I think people appreciate free speech and recognize that people have fought and sacrificed their lives so we can say and do what we want to do. Those are our freedoms and liberties, so he has a right to his opinion and I have a right to mine.

It's got to feel great to have a governor stand up for you like that!

Monday, October 17, 2005

What is Al Celebrating?

On a recent visit to, where you can view the latest Franken droppings,there was a headline titled:

October 14. Happy 1st. Today is the anniversary of the O'Reilly lawsuit. Celebrate!

Those wishing to participate in the festivities could simply "click" on the headline and be taken to 'thesmokinggun' site and see transcripts of the Andrea Mackris complaint against Bill O'Reilly.

What a celebration! and just as I am recovering from Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, Franken's friends have something new to celebrate.

Usually, though, people celebrate when they have good news. At least that's what I thought normal people do.

So what good news could Al possibly be celebrating these days?

That Air America was embroiled in a financial scandal involving taking money from a kids charity?

That AA's snails pace growth is getting them nowhere and can't generate revenue?

That Katherine Lanpher, Al's co-host, left the show to write a memoir of her move from Minnesota to New York? (sounds like a chart-burning blockbuster to me)

Is he celebrating the release of my upcoming book that will expose him as a smear merchant, character assassin, and major fraud?

I'm not sure what he's so happy about, but it seems that because Al has nothing positive to celebrate he'd rather distract and point to somebody else, and that somebody else is still America's #1 cable news host.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

David Brock Rehashing Clinton's Scandals

Frankly, I am sick and tired of polling.

Do you think the President should have done this or that?

Do you view him more favorably or less favorably?

Which President would you rather have a beer with?

Does this President care about poor people?

ENOUGH with the polling already!

We'd all be so much better off if we just did what we were supposed to do to - take care of ourselves and families and be less preoccupied with meaningless polls which can change on a dime.

But it seems that David Brock just can't leave things alone. G-d forbid anybody criticize Bill Clinton, a man Brock spent a great many hours digging up dirt on, albeit true dirt.

In his October 14 posting Brock wrote:

Matalin falsely claimed that Reagan and Clinton's second-term approval ratings were "similar" to Bush's current low in the polls

So Brock really wants to set the record straight for all of us.

Going back and doing a little digging myself, I found a CNN/Gallup poll from January 5, 2001. One that I'm sure Brock and other Clinton fans would be happy to be reminded of:

Poll: Majority of Americans glad Clinton is leaving office

In your view, will Clinton mostly be remembered as president for his accomplishments, or his involvement in personal scandal?
Scandal 68%
Accomplishments 28

Do you generally think Bill Clinton is honest and trustworthy?
Yes 39%
No 58

Yea, these are numbers I would really be proud of. And if I were Bill Clinton, I'd be really thankful to David Brock for bringing this topic up again

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Philadelphia says Bye-Bye to Air America

In spite of the scandals, financial woes, and poor ratings, Air America executives and a few of their on-air talent state, rather defiantly, that things are going great at Air America.

“We're on 70 stations” can frequently be heard by their defenders in the blogosphere.

Better check again amigo, as of this weekend, it's 69.

Over the weekend, it was reported on that:

Al Franken and Randi Rhodes are getting the boot from Philadelphia airwaves, as WHAT-AM (1340) is pulling off programming from Air America, the liberal talk-radio network.
Friday will be the last day, and a new WHAT lineup will begin Monday, said general manager Kernie Anderson, adding that "things were not working out" with Air America after about a year.
WHAT aired Air America's programming from noon to 7 p.m. weekdays, sandwiched between the rest of its lineup. The juxtaposition of liberal talk and WHAT's African America-targeted talk programming seemed an odd fit from the start.
Ratings were abysmal.

Let's give things a few more weeks and see how many other affiliates dismiss Air America.