Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mr. Franken Goes to Yale

That's Yale, not jail (not yet at least).

This past Friday, Yale students were treated to an Al Franken speech that is basically Franken's stump speech. Don't Yale students, our best and brightest, deserve just a tad better than what you've been telling everybody else Al?

Thanks to the bloggers at Power Line, we were able to get some excerpts of that speech.

· Starts with the “myth of liberal media.” Something that the right has been repeating over and over again for the last forty years. There is a lot of bias in the media but it isn’t liberal. The mainstream media maybe has some biases in terms of politics but they are pack mentality biases (Gore is a serial exaggerator)

In chapter 9 of my upcoming book, I show how Franken misleads his audience by mis-citing what his sources actually say about media bias and the Gore exaggerations

· BUT there is a right-wing media: Fox News and talk radio. This is why Franken went into talk radio. Realized somebody needed to push back against these guys…these guys are just (you probably don’t listen to them)…they’re really pernicious and really evil.

Franken frequently cites the University of Maryland PIPA study to prove Fox News bias and how they mislead their audience. The PIPA study released a strongly worded letter stating unambiguously that their study cannot be used as it has been, to prove Fox News bias...

· A few months ago Rush talking about the minimum wage…75% of all Americans on minimum wage are teenagers on their first job. Franken’s researcher went to Bureau of Labor statistics. 60% of Americans on minimum wage are 20 and above.
Where did Rush get this statistic? Directly from his ass. And 21% of American gets their news from him—same people who believe Saddam had something to do with 9/11 and had weapons of mass destruction that miraculously disappeared.
Franken gets statistics from Bureau of Labor Statistics, Rush gets his from Bureau of Rush’s Ass—this is the difference.

A few things here:
First, this attack on Rush is Franken's favorite. He's repeated it more times than John Kerry talked about his Viet Nam service. Secondly, Franken has been telling this story for over a year now so how come Franken keeps saying, "A few months's ago..."
as far as the rest of my rebuttal goes, I'm not going to tell you here. You'll have to read it in the book. Trust me, it's worth the wait.

· Soldiers treat Franken GREAT. Goes out there with Daryl Worley and Mark Wills...they’re all rednecks. They love each other…nothing more gratifying that doing USO trips because our men and women are great [gets choked up].

My chapter, 'Franken Uses the Troops as Props' is another doozey. Again, too good to write about here. It's not that you don't deserve to read about now, but there's no reason to give Franken a heads up.

· Taranto says on Hannity and Colmes that Bush’s numbers are bouncing back. Franken writes him and e-mail asking for polls that show president is bouncing back from Katrina…Taranto writes back “Dear Mr. Franken I may have been mistaken” and corrects himself...

I have had over 30 email exchanges with Franken. While Taranto was man enough to admit he may have made a mistake, not only does Franken not admit his mistakes, he gets very angry when he gets challenged.

· Franken says he’s bullshitting…sometimes you have to get angry. Why shouldn’t we be angry at this malfeasance? Why shouldn’t we be angry a guy with no experience is at head of FEMA? Same with homeland security? Wasting billions going to cronies that could be used to educate people? Used to save lives in Africa? Is that not worth being angry about?

Like Republicans got angry over travel-gate or selling technology to China? Oh, wait a minute, that was part of a right-wing conspiracy.

· Americans can love each other; Americans need to work together. But we’re not going to do it with these radical guys. We’re not going to find a way out of Iraq with an administration that won’t tell us the truth or admit mistakes. We have to get them out of there (lots of clapping).
Tell that to Cindy Sheehan!


At 7:40 PM, Blogger F U Skorski said...

wtf, you have nothing......i can't wait to read your book......

At 11:05 PM, Blogger A. Skorski said...

Be patient. The only thing you may find disappointing is that I don't use the "F" as frequently as you do. Once the book is out, We'll have some place where people can comment. can't wait to read yours.


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