Friday, September 16, 2005

Franken and Brock; Two Peas in a Pod

With Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives, off to the presses for a fall release, and monitoring and reporting on Franken exclusively becoming too dull, future blogs will include reports and updates on Franken sycophants and regular guests, like 'Media Matters for America' David Brock.

In POF, I have a lengthy chapter exposing Brock as a whiny little man who has just way too much time on his hands. It's actually too bad that Brock isn't more of a celebrity or I might be putting the finishing touches on my second book.

Brock's mission statement is too expose "untruth's" from the right wing media. As you will read here and in future blogs, Brock adopts Franken's method of taking actual words or text from the so-called offender and distorting the context.

For example, on September 15 Brock reported that, "Limbaugh again claimed President Bush "was begging" Blanco to declare an emergency." According to Brock, Rush lied
because Blanco, Louisiana's Governor, had already declared an emergency. In other words, Bush blew it, and Rush was shilling for him.

Brock continues, " Media Matters for America has debunked similar claims by Limbaugh and other conservatives (here, here, and here)."

But according to Newsmax, it was not President Bush, but the Governor herself who blew it. Newsmax reported Governor Blanco in her own words:

"I really should have called for the military," Blanco said, while chatting with her press secretary in between TV interviews. "I really should have started that in the first call."

Most observers blamed the White House for the blunder - a misconception that was thoroughly dispelled by the governor's inadvertent confession.


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