Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bathroom Politics

Last week, much was made of the "note" President Bush wrote to Condi Rice about his need to make a trip to the men's room, as they sat together at the United nations.

How rude of this man to ask his Secretary of State about rules of etiquette about bathroom breaks. Couldn't he just hold it in?

No doubt, this note kept left wing bloggers up all night trying to come up with their cute little jokes and anecdotes.

However, I doubt any of them came up with anything that compares with Al Gore's bathroom story dating back to 1996. As you may recall,back in the Clinton Gore years of uncorruptible governance, the FBI was investigating possible law breaking by Al Gore for making fundraising calls from federal buildings - a clear and well known violation.

But you see, Al Gore had an alibi - as the Clinton/Gore team were meeting to discuss the do's and don'ts of political fundraising, Gore was in the bathroom taking care of business because, as he explained, he had a habit of drinking too much iced tea.


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