Friday, September 30, 2005

Al Franken Acknowledges Air America going Bankrupt?

There is a saying in Hebrew, “silence is like an admission.” In our Justice system, we have something called “taking the fifth.” And while pleading the fifth does not convict someone in a court of law, it is very telling in the court of public opinion.

Air America talk show host Al Franken has spent a great deal of time since the networks inception over a year ago, playing so-called “gotcha” audio clips of his favorite targets like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. The way it works is, he plays a clip and then tells his audience why it's a lie. Great fun for everybody.

On his September 28 program, together with weekly guest David Brock of Media Matters, an organization which claims to monitor and expose right wing misiniformation,
He spent roughly 13.5 minutes going over nine alleged O'Reilly falsehoods from an earlier O'Reilly and Radio Factor.

Not one of them, not one second, dealt with O'Reilly's September 27 Television show in which the # 1 rated cable news star, Bill O'Reilly, interviewed conservative pundit Michelle Malkin and radio industry expert, Brian Maloney. During the ENTIRE segment on The Factor the focus was on how Air America is mismanaged and that they are on the verge of bankruptcy.

One would think that if Franken and Brock are going to spend close to fourteen minutes “debunking” O'Reilly's claims that the Bush administration is spending more on poverty programs than his predecessor Bill Clinton, or that Independents swung the re-election for George Bush in 2004, Franken would spend at least that much time defending the integrity of the network which employs him.


At 7:35 PM, Blogger F U Skorski said...

how could a fellow right wing pundit, a "radio industry expert", and o'reilly, really speculate into the mismanagement and the bankruptcy of air america accurately??????????????????and why would franken respond to such bs????

At 10:57 PM, Blogger A. Skorski said...

Well let's see. First there was the scandal involving a transfer of nearly $1 million from a tax payer subsidized organization to a radio network, not typically the way a radio network is launched. Then, if you're not going to pay the money back because it's the right thing to do,then pay it back because it is extremely embarrassing. If a network doesn't have a million dollars to get rid of a potentially devastating story, it is generally a sign that they are in trouble.

As to your second question, "why should Franken respond to such bs???" If you are a devoted Franken listener as I am, then you would know that Franken responds to O'Reilly attacks every chance he gets

At 3:44 AM, Blogger Billy Walker said...

Wishful thinking, Mr. Skorski...same as your supposed hope of discrediting an author and commentator with Al Franken's proven track record.
As for the AA "scandal": among the first places you'll find references to it on-line are Jeff Gannon's and Michelle Malkin's blogs. Come on, Mr. Skorski. If that's the best reportage your side can come up with, I have to wonder about the brain power of those of you who insist on trumpeting this nonsense. Really...if you have the skill of honest, critical thinking, it should be no stretch to understand why Mr. Franken and AA ignore this "story".
Though "devoted" would not be the most correct connotation, I do listen to Mr. Franken enough to know that he doesn't have to fill air time with O'Reilly's attacks against him. Bill The Bully routinely churns out more than enough comedic entertainment without even mentioning AA or its star commentator to keep Mr. Franken's thoughtful audience in stitches. We don't have to wait for Bill to desperately flail at Al Franken and company.
By the way...who the heck are you, anyway? I'd have never even heard of you if your, uh, "tome" hadn't been linked with Al's latest on Amazon. Is this some sort of troika...Jeff Gannon, Michelle Malkin and you? I'm sure The Left is in real trouble, now!

At 6:45 PM, Blogger A. Skorski said...

jo-jo, prior to my book, I had numerous email exchanges with Al himself, which were always respectful, though disagreeable. The one thing he kept telling me was, "Read my book read my book," Which I did. And to show what a good sport I was, I bought it,(increasing his Amazon # as well as contributing to his royalties) rather than taking it out of the library.

Alot of people, especially Franken fans, are going to be very surprised at what was uncovered.

At 11:46 AM, Blogger Vivaldi5 said...


If you think Al Franken's "proven track record" is anything but a source of shame for him and his fans, then I have to "wonder" about your own "brain power." Is it your position that AA's grabbing a cool million from a children's home because it cannot make it on its own (unlike Rush or Hannity, who don't need to swipe kids' funds like this) is anything less than a scandal?

What do you bring to counter Mr. Skorski's point, other than some lame "if you have the skill of honest, critical thinking" BS (i.e., if you think like a liberal where facts are irrelevant as long as 'we' win)? Obviously, not much more than your buddy above, "f u skorski," with the wonderfully witty implied obscenity in his handle. What a thoroughly "intellectual" refutation of everything Mr. Skorski has written on this topic and this blog!


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