Friday, September 30, 2005

Al Franken Acknowledges Air America going Bankrupt?

There is a saying in Hebrew, “silence is like an admission.” In our Justice system, we have something called “taking the fifth.” And while pleading the fifth does not convict someone in a court of law, it is very telling in the court of public opinion.

Air America talk show host Al Franken has spent a great deal of time since the networks inception over a year ago, playing so-called “gotcha” audio clips of his favorite targets like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. The way it works is, he plays a clip and then tells his audience why it's a lie. Great fun for everybody.

On his September 28 program, together with weekly guest David Brock of Media Matters, an organization which claims to monitor and expose right wing misiniformation,
He spent roughly 13.5 minutes going over nine alleged O'Reilly falsehoods from an earlier O'Reilly and Radio Factor.

Not one of them, not one second, dealt with O'Reilly's September 27 Television show in which the # 1 rated cable news star, Bill O'Reilly, interviewed conservative pundit Michelle Malkin and radio industry expert, Brian Maloney. During the ENTIRE segment on The Factor the focus was on how Air America is mismanaged and that they are on the verge of bankruptcy.

One would think that if Franken and Brock are going to spend close to fourteen minutes “debunking” O'Reilly's claims that the Bush administration is spending more on poverty programs than his predecessor Bill Clinton, or that Independents swung the re-election for George Bush in 2004, Franken would spend at least that much time defending the integrity of the network which employs him.

Racial Hypocrisy from David Brock and Media Matters

Book after book, column after column have been written about the issue of racially insensitive remarks from America's leading figures, yet it seems that the outrage is always directed towards conservatives.

Senator Robert Byrd who was once a leader of the Ku Klux Klan rises to the top of the Democrat leadership. But Rush Limbaugh opines that the media, desperate in its search to elevate a great black quarterback, criticizes them for selecting Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb who at the time of his comments was having a miserable season, yet Limbaugh is forced to resign.

There are volumes of examples of Democrat and left wing hypocrisy on this issue. Hillary Clinton “joking” at a funraiser that Gandhi reminded her of a gas station attendant. At a 1996 dinner she mocked the former San Francisco Mayor Willie Browns black accent while talking about his seeking support from 'Emily's List.'

Now comes conservative talk show host Bill Bennett who had an exchange with a caller on his Sept. 28 program,who had made some ludicrous proposal about how we could be saving social security based on revenue lost by the number of abortions in this country - statistics based on the NY Times best seller Freakonomics. Bennett, who dismissed his callers theory, went on to say “...But I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could -- if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down.”

Dr. Bennett did not endorse this nor did he encourage it. He did not tell his audience that this is something that should be debated. In fact, he denounced it as morally reprehensible.

Yet on his September 30 posting Media Matters posted 12 different media and political sources denouncing Bennett's comments.

Here now is where the hypocrisy from Media Matters begins.

On his May 16, 2005 show, radio talk show host Al Franken, whose program featues Brock as a weekly guest, performed a skit with his co-host Katherine Lanpher in which he compared black people to horses.

In the skit, his co-host reported a news item from Bob Woodward that the Republican presidential nominee in 2008 could be a “dark horse.” Franken responded by asking if he meant J.C. Watts. A few moments later he said “...Woodward said the dark horse was a he, so it couldn't be Condaleeza Rice.

There was no outrage from the Left. No condemnations from Harry Reid or Ted Kennedy. No calls for apologies from People for the American Way, and no “email alerts” from David Brock and Media Matters criticizing his pal's racially insensitive remarks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Michael Moore's Sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11

In a Newsmax cover story today : 'Clinton Foundation Found at Fault',

they write,

“Former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation failed to meet at least six of 19 accountability standards established by the Better Business Bureau.”

Later in the article they note:

The Clinton Foundation’s latest report, released on September 23, showed the organization took in $57.7 million in donations last year, and borrowed nearly $38.5 million to cover expenses related to the library.

Donors to the foundation have included the Saudi Royal Family, the governments of Dubai, Kuwait and Qatar and director Steven Spielberg.

Never mind, “Here we go again” with Clinton and his financial scandals (Bill better look out for Hillary's flying dishes) but just take another gander and the list of donors to Clinton's foundation.

Where is Michael Moore? Shouldn't he be working on his follow up to Fahrenheit 9/11 exposing the Clinton/Saudi/Spielberg connection to the attacks on the World Trade Center?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Saturday Night Live Outrage

Though I have been a fan of SNL for decades, even during the unfunny years, I am very disappointed to hear that this weekends musical guest will be Kanye West, the singer who blamed George Bush's "racism" for the delay in getting help to hurricane Katrina victims.

You can call 212-664-4444 to lodge your complaint. Please tell your friends!

Mr. Franken Goes to Yale

That's Yale, not jail (not yet at least).

This past Friday, Yale students were treated to an Al Franken speech that is basically Franken's stump speech. Don't Yale students, our best and brightest, deserve just a tad better than what you've been telling everybody else Al?

Thanks to the bloggers at Power Line, we were able to get some excerpts of that speech.

· Starts with the “myth of liberal media.” Something that the right has been repeating over and over again for the last forty years. There is a lot of bias in the media but it isn’t liberal. The mainstream media maybe has some biases in terms of politics but they are pack mentality biases (Gore is a serial exaggerator)

In chapter 9 of my upcoming book, I show how Franken misleads his audience by mis-citing what his sources actually say about media bias and the Gore exaggerations

· BUT there is a right-wing media: Fox News and talk radio. This is why Franken went into talk radio. Realized somebody needed to push back against these guys…these guys are just (you probably don’t listen to them)…they’re really pernicious and really evil.

Franken frequently cites the University of Maryland PIPA study to prove Fox News bias and how they mislead their audience. The PIPA study released a strongly worded letter stating unambiguously that their study cannot be used as it has been, to prove Fox News bias...

· A few months ago Rush talking about the minimum wage…75% of all Americans on minimum wage are teenagers on their first job. Franken’s researcher went to Bureau of Labor statistics. 60% of Americans on minimum wage are 20 and above.
Where did Rush get this statistic? Directly from his ass. And 21% of American gets their news from him—same people who believe Saddam had something to do with 9/11 and had weapons of mass destruction that miraculously disappeared.
Franken gets statistics from Bureau of Labor Statistics, Rush gets his from Bureau of Rush’s Ass—this is the difference.

A few things here:
First, this attack on Rush is Franken's favorite. He's repeated it more times than John Kerry talked about his Viet Nam service. Secondly, Franken has been telling this story for over a year now so how come Franken keeps saying, "A few months's ago..."
as far as the rest of my rebuttal goes, I'm not going to tell you here. You'll have to read it in the book. Trust me, it's worth the wait.

· Soldiers treat Franken GREAT. Goes out there with Daryl Worley and Mark Wills...they’re all rednecks. They love each other…nothing more gratifying that doing USO trips because our men and women are great [gets choked up].

My chapter, 'Franken Uses the Troops as Props' is another doozey. Again, too good to write about here. It's not that you don't deserve to read about now, but there's no reason to give Franken a heads up.

· Taranto says on Hannity and Colmes that Bush’s numbers are bouncing back. Franken writes him and e-mail asking for polls that show president is bouncing back from Katrina…Taranto writes back “Dear Mr. Franken I may have been mistaken” and corrects himself...

I have had over 30 email exchanges with Franken. While Taranto was man enough to admit he may have made a mistake, not only does Franken not admit his mistakes, he gets very angry when he gets challenged.

· Franken says he’s bullshitting…sometimes you have to get angry. Why shouldn’t we be angry at this malfeasance? Why shouldn’t we be angry a guy with no experience is at head of FEMA? Same with homeland security? Wasting billions going to cronies that could be used to educate people? Used to save lives in Africa? Is that not worth being angry about?

Like Republicans got angry over travel-gate or selling technology to China? Oh, wait a minute, that was part of a right-wing conspiracy.

· Americans can love each other; Americans need to work together. But we’re not going to do it with these radical guys. We’re not going to find a way out of Iraq with an administration that won’t tell us the truth or admit mistakes. We have to get them out of there (lots of clapping).
Tell that to Cindy Sheehan!

Monday, September 26, 2005

More Crock from Brock

As promised, I am reporting more earth shattering news from the nonsense world of David Brock and his little Media Matters (splatters) group.

In his September 23 "alert" (to save America from conservative lies) Brock let us know that Rush Limbaugh called Cindy Sheehan anti-American. That Bastard! How dare he call a foul mouthed anti-semite, anti American.

According to Brock, Sheehan is nothing more that someone who has participated in a few anti-war rallies.

From Brock's site and in defense of Sheehan he writes:

Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in the Iraq war, has participated in several anti-war events around the country.

That's right, and Al Franken is just some guy who likes to tell jokes and Michael Moore is just some guy who likes to play with camcorders.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Radio Franken Beggin' for Money

I still remember hearing Franken telling his listeners that Air America's ratings were growing by leaps and bounds. I remember Franken denouncing author Brian Anderson for questioning his ratings.

While I am not in the radio business, I thought good ratings leads to revenue, so imagine my shock when I read that Air America is now soliciting donations from its listeners (of which they have very few.)

From Air America:

"To continue this great success story and start shaping the national debate the way that Right Wing talk radio does every day,... we've got to reach into every community in this country. We know we can't achieve this next stage of growth without significant help from you, our loyal listeners."

Imagine that. They are asking for donations to help shape a country that doesn't want to have anything to do with them.

Remember Franken gloating after Air America's initial launch when they posted some respectable numbers (before they collapsed)? Remember him saying, "Rush Limbaugh said nobody would listen to liberal talk radio and we proved him wrong?"

Well guess what Al, not only is nobody listening but nobody is contributing either.

David Brock's "Orchestration" Crock

On his September 22 posting and email alert, Brock informs us of another one of O'Reilly's misinformation-isms:

O'Reilly again falsely accused former guest of claiming that Bush "orchestrat[ed] 9-11"

This goes back to the infamous O'Reilly take down of punk-boy Jeremy Glick, which I write about in greater detail in my upcoming book, Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives

Glick is someone who Franken has exploited, though he was a willing strooge, to attack and demonize O'Reilly.

On several occasions, O'Reilly had stated that Glick accused the Bushes, 1 & 2, of “orchestrating” the attacks on 9/11. Now, the truth is, Glick does not use the actual word “orchestrate” rather he blamed the formation of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda on Bush senior , a legacy, inherited by George W., according to Glick, which then led to the terror attacks. So no, Glick did not say "orchestrate" but is that really relevant to the context? Isn't Glicks inference just as condemning?

As you will read below from a portion of the O'Reilly/Glick exchange, you can clearly see Glick indicting the role and responsibility leading up to and including the attacks of 9/11 on the Bushes.

Here is what Brock posted:
GLICK: [S]ix months before the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan, starting in the Carter administration and continuing and escalating while Bush's father was head of the CIA, we recruited a hundred thousand radical mujahideen to combat a democratic government in Afghanistan, the Turaki government.
Our current president now inherited a legacy from his father and inherited a political legacy that's responsible for training militarily, economically, and situating geopolitically the parties involved in the alleged assassination and the murder of my father and countless of thousands of others.

Is there any ambiguity there?

The exchange in greater detail:


O'Reilly: All right. You didn't support the action against Afghanistan to remove the Taliban. You were against it, OK.

Glick: Why would I want to brutalize and further punish the people in Afghanistan?

O'Reilly: Who killed your father!

Glick: The people in Afghanistan...

O'Reilly: Who killed your father.

Glick: ... didn't kill my father.

O'Reilly: Sure they did. The al Qaeda people were trained there.

Glick: The al Qaeda people? What about the Afghan people?

O'Reilly: See, I'm more angry about it than you are!

Glick: So what about George Bush?

O'Reilly: What about George Bush? He had nothing to do with it.

Glick: The director -- senior as director of the CIA.

O'Reilly: He had nothing to do with it.

Glick: So the people that trained a hundred thousand Mujahadeen who were...

Looking at the last few exchanges you clearly see O'Reilly defending George H. and W. against (Glicks) charges that they were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

So no Al and David, the word “orchestrate” is not part of the dialogue but the clear and unambigous implication is there.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Who is Really Screwing up America?

In my upcoming book, Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives, I write, albeit briefly, about one of the problems that the left has that they don't seem to understand - you can't grow your cause, whatever it is, when you are angry and foaming at the mouth - When you are re-active rather than pro-active.

We have Rush, so they have to have a Rush (Al Franken)G-d help us.

We have the Heritage Foundation, so they create Center for American Progress.

We have the Media Research Center, so they create a pathetic group called Media Matters for America.

Bernard Goldberg writes a book: 100 People who are Screwing up America and the left goes berserk. How is it that one man, Goldberg, who though he is a best-selling author does not have the audience of an O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, and others, can be on the receiving end of such hateful vitriol from the left?

When Goldberg's book came out in early July 2005, he was a guest on Donnie Deutch's The Big Idea - a low rated program at 10:00pm on CNBC. Deutch brought on 5 guests (none of whom even read the book) to pile on Goldberg and his temerity to write a book that highlights many of the shortcomings of well known liberals who in his opinion, HIS OPINION, are contributing to the cheapening of our culture.

Oh yeah, he's really off the mark by naming Paris Hilton and her irresponsible parents. Adding Courtney Love to the list is also waaay out of line.

Katrina vanden Heuvel of the Nation, whom I also mention in my book, wrote a long and scathing article attacking Goldberg. In her closing she writes of an upcoming book titled, 100 People who are Really Screwing up America, as the liberal response to Goldberg.

Let me guess who will be on that list: Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Halliburton, O'Reilly, Gingrich, Drudge, Farah,...

My advise to the left, lighten up and enjoy life.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bathroom Politics

Last week, much was made of the "note" President Bush wrote to Condi Rice about his need to make a trip to the men's room, as they sat together at the United nations.

How rude of this man to ask his Secretary of State about rules of etiquette about bathroom breaks. Couldn't he just hold it in?

No doubt, this note kept left wing bloggers up all night trying to come up with their cute little jokes and anecdotes.

However, I doubt any of them came up with anything that compares with Al Gore's bathroom story dating back to 1996. As you may recall,back in the Clinton Gore years of uncorruptible governance, the FBI was investigating possible law breaking by Al Gore for making fundraising calls from federal buildings - a clear and well known violation.

But you see, Al Gore had an alibi - as the Clinton/Gore team were meeting to discuss the do's and don'ts of political fundraising, Gore was in the bathroom taking care of business because, as he explained, he had a habit of drinking too much iced tea.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Franken and Brock; Two Peas in a Pod

With Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives, off to the presses for a fall release, and monitoring and reporting on Franken exclusively becoming too dull, future blogs will include reports and updates on Franken sycophants and regular guests, like 'Media Matters for America' David Brock.

In POF, I have a lengthy chapter exposing Brock as a whiny little man who has just way too much time on his hands. It's actually too bad that Brock isn't more of a celebrity or I might be putting the finishing touches on my second book.

Brock's mission statement is too expose "untruth's" from the right wing media. As you will read here and in future blogs, Brock adopts Franken's method of taking actual words or text from the so-called offender and distorting the context.

For example, on September 15 Brock reported that, "Limbaugh again claimed President Bush "was begging" Blanco to declare an emergency." According to Brock, Rush lied
because Blanco, Louisiana's Governor, had already declared an emergency. In other words, Bush blew it, and Rush was shilling for him.

Brock continues, " Media Matters for America has debunked similar claims by Limbaugh and other conservatives (here, here, and here)."

But according to Newsmax, it was not President Bush, but the Governor herself who blew it. Newsmax reported Governor Blanco in her own words:

"I really should have called for the military," Blanco said, while chatting with her press secretary in between TV interviews. "I really should have started that in the first call."

Most observers blamed the White House for the blunder - a misconception that was thoroughly dispelled by the governor's inadvertent confession.