Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Where is Sheldon Drobny?

Who is Sheldon Drobny? He together with wife Anita are the original co-founders of Air America. Since AA went bankrupt last year, new investors were brought in and now Anita Drobny sits on the advisory board of Air America.

In his book,Road to Air America, Sheldon Drobny writes that his father was a committed socialist and was the founder of the Socialist Workers Party. Drobny wrote how his father imparted his values onto him.

Drobny claims that he is a venture capitalist, philanthopist, and a socialist.

With these facts in hand, I wrote the following email to Mr. Drobny:

Mr. Drobny,

I just finished reading your book, /The Road to Air America/. I want to
thank you for making it an easy read (I finished it in one evening) and
giving your side of events.

I would like to respectfully ask you a few questions though.

1. You wrote that you were close to getting $40 million from a union
for the AA radio network.
Which union?
With the struggles that AA had (and is still not out of the woods),
wasn't it rather risky to use the retirement funds of union workers, who
like Enron workers are just middle class hard working families?

2. Living in New York, I am constantly reading about the questionable
financial arrangement that took place between Air America and the Gloria
Wise Boys and Girls Club. As a committed socialist and philanthropist,
can't you repay the funds which were earmarked to help kids and seniors?
Also, this is rather embarrassing for the network and can't do much to
help Al Franken who has a new book due out this October. Wouldn't it
make sense to just pay them back and put this episode behind you?

Alan Skorski

Below was his response:

You are welcome to call Jon Sinton at Air America Radio. They are in the NYC directory. He will explain it to yoy.


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