Thursday, August 11, 2005

Show me the Money

First, kudos to the NY Post for not letting up on the Air America financial scandal involving the taking of monies earmarked for kids in order to fund a propaganda radio network.

Reports to date suggest that Air America, though it feels it has no obligation to, will repay the close to $1 million dollars it received as a loan.

According to Air America management, AA has worked out a payment plan with the Gloria Wisw institution, a claim that the Boys & Girls club denies.

But even according to AA, they've only repaid $50,000 (into an escrow account). Now sure $1 million is alot of money for most people including myself, but am I supposed to believe that a radio network which claims to be growing by leaps and bounds, expanding into new markets everyday including 15 of the top 20, leading in all radio streaming and IPOD connections, can't come up with $1 million to make this scandal go away?


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