Monday, August 22, 2005

Cindy Sheehan

First it was Jeremy Glick, now we have Cindy sheehan as the latest poster child of O'Reilly's "bullying ways."

This is not to minimize her loss inasmuch as it is meant to point out how she is being used by Franken and others to demonize conservatives who have the audacity to challenge Mrs. Sheehans claims and anti-war activity.

Early on, there were claims that she said her son was killed because of Israel - America went to war in Iraq at Israel's behest. CNN's Anderson Cooper asked her about these comments which she denied ever making. Saying that she doesn't talk that way.

So what did she say about Israel? (paraphrasing) Why should Israel have nukes if other countries in the region can't?

How can the US criticize Syria for occupying lebanon, when we allow Israel to occupy Palestinian land?

So sorry that we on the right got your anti-Israel rants wrong Mrs Sheehan.

And how is it that Hillary Clinton can shriek "that we have a right to debate" when it comes to the war on terror, but conservatives don't have the right to "debate" Cindy Sheehans suspect activities?


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