Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cindy Sheehan and Ward Churchill

What do Cindy Sheehan and Ward Churchill have in common?

Well, they both drew alot of attention to themselves by promoting far left and anti-America comments.

Both found themselves being defended by left wing groups while being criticized by conservative groups.

But this is not about Sheehan or Churchill, per say, rather the incredible hypocrisy of the left.

During the Clinton years, every single woman who came forward to report his misbehavior became an automatic target by the Clinton machine.

Gennifer Flowers was a whore

Paula Jones was just some lowly trailor trash

Monica Lewinsky was a stalker (until the blue dress appeared)

Kathleen Willey had her tires slashed and her cat abducted

Can you imagine what the left would have done to Cindy Sheehan had she come out against Bill Clinton?

Yet when Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives correctly pointed to Sheehans inconsistency and anti-Israel hatred, the right is accused of "smearing" her.

In the case of Churchill and his "3000 little Eichmanns" lunacy, he is being defended by the so-called free speech left. Yet WMAL talk show host, Michael Graham, who points out the murderous activity of radical Islamists and troubling silence by so-called moderate Muslims, he gets fired.


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