Monday, July 18, 2005

The Author that Scares Al Franken

There are all kinds of behavioral patterns to spot a bully.
For example:
Bullies pick on people who are smaller than they are.
Bullies only attack when they think they will win.

And I'm sure you have your own observations as well.

So here's one on Al Franken.

On June 24, Franken tag teamed with Salon's Joe Conason to pummel Ed Klein, author of The Truth About Hillary.

I personally did not read the book, nor do I feel I need to.

Many critics on the right joined in the chorus of attacks on Klein. Some, maybe based on substance, yet others I fear, out of political calculation.

With Joe Conason on his side, and just enough inconsistencies in his book, Bully boy Franken felt comfortable enough that in the half hour or so of his show, he could body slam Klein and discredit him.

I saw the interview. It was not pretty.

A clear victory for Franken and Conason, and you could hear them gloating and popping the champagne corks following the interview.

As I wrote earlier, bullies only go after people they think they can beat.

So this brings me to the point of this blog;

When will big gutsy man, Al Franken, interview Candice Jackson, author of Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine? Or is he afraid that this book, unlike Klein, isn't as easily refutable? Or maybe, Franken doesn't believe that presidents and their wives harassing vulnerable women is a big deal.


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