Monday, May 09, 2005

Franken remembers Abu Ghraib

I think anniversaries are important. And no doubt Franken does to. That's why last week he spent 2 days remembering the "horrors" of Abu Ghraib. In his blog, Franken tells Rush Limbaugh, as if Rush gives a damn what Franken says on ANY issue, that his remembrance, is NOT a celebration. In other words, Franken is once again, being defensive about accusations that the Left celebrates America's bad news.

So imagine my disappointment, when going back to the Franken archives I could find no anniversary or remembrance by Franken on the day that Saddam was captured by US troops. Or the anniversary of the fall of Saddam's statue. Or this weekend as leaders from around the world celebrated the anniversary of the end of WWII and the Holocaust memorial.

You'd think for guy who has a segment titled the "oy, oy, oy show," a light hearted segment using jewish sounding voices, that he would have taken a brief moment on his 3 hr show to remember the 6,000,000 killed by the Nazis. Especially since Franken criticized Mel Gibson's father for questioning aspects of the Holocaust.


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