Monday, May 02, 2005

Al Franken - The Ultimate Spin Machine

Last week, I posted an interview that Franken had with South Park Conservative's author, Brian Anderson.

The post, which you can read below (as well as others which are related), shows how Air America's numbers are falling in many markets, and the best defense Franken could come up with for his NYC market was that he beats O'Reilly for the 1 hour, 2-3pm, that they are up against each other. And even that claim hasn't been corroborated.

But look at how Franken describes the interview for

Franken: We had a guy on today, Brian Anderson, who's written a book called South Park Conservatives, and it's a conservative book on liberal bias and all this stuff and he attacks Air America in it. We had him on the show today. And he ultimately had to admit that our show was not what he was saying we were, or not what he was saying Air America was, anyway, and that I don't do what Rush does.


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