Thursday, May 26, 2005

Franken testifies

This past Tuesday, May 24, a slew of Left wing activists "testified" before an even further Left winger, Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), committee on, get this, "Media Bias."

The hearing was broadcast live, compliments of Air America, and occasionally interrupted for commercial breaks.

A few comments:

1. Franken's contribution was citing the PIPA study which the Left has repeatedly cited to prove that Fox News was guilty of misleading it's viewers regarding the Saddam/Bin Laden connection, Iraq and WMD's,...The problem here is that PIPA issued a clarification approx. 2 weeks after their initial report, so that Left wing "spin meisters" could not continue misreporting the study. Here is a brief citation from their report:

the fact that we reported that respondents who say they primarily get their news from Fox News had the highest frequency of misperceptions has generated a good deal of attention. Some have suggested that we have effectively claimed that we have demonstrated that Fox News, prompted by ideological bias, is misleading its viewers. We want to clarify emphatically that we are not making this assertion.

2. Franken colleague and anti-Bush flame thrower,Randi Rhodes, told the committee that she had "evidence" that Fox News' ratings were going down, therefore, their only purpose for continuing to stay on the air is as a propaganda tool. Yes she really said that.

3. Center for American Progress fellow and author, Eric Alterman, suggested that because "Crossfire" had to rely on political operatives, Begala and Carville, instead of journalists, to carry the Liberal banner, it proves that there is no epidemic of Left wing journalists. I guess Joe Conason, Paul Krugman, Bob Herbert, Maureen Dowd,Jonathan Alter, Eleanor Clift, to name a few, don't qualify as Left wing journalists.

Hey folks, I can't make this stuff up.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

A not so Happy Birthday for Al Franken

Believe it or not, I really am ashamed of myself for what I’m about to reveal to you. Everything I have written about Al, thus far (for my book), has been an honest and thoroughly researched expose on Franken, who has spent the better part of the last few years challenging ANYBODY to refute his charges against the Right. I think I’ve met and even exceeded the challenge. But what I’m about to write, though it is 100% truthful, is still mean, and out of character for me.

Every year Rush holds a Leukemia cure-a-thon on his radio program, raising over a million dollars, to help find a cure for the deadly cancer. These contributions are from his listeners, primarily conservatives. Or as Franken likes to call them, cold hearted, zombie-like, morons.

So on May 20, 2005, Franken had a chance to show what compassionate progressives are made of, and just how generous they can be. Certainly a lot more generous than selfish, greedy conservatives.

At the beginning of the program, he told his listeners that his birthday was tomorrow (May 21) and that in lieu of any gifts, he would like his supporters to make a contribution to the “Wellstone memorial” which was being built in Minnesota, near the crash site that took the lives of Paul, his wife Sheila, the campaign staff, and pilots. A worthwhile, tax-deductable (no less) charity, indeed.

Before I tell you how much money was actually raised, let’s take a few moments to reflect on Franken’s ratings, his popularity, and the generosity of progressives, and how much one might expect a “powerhouse” like Franken to be able to raise.

1. Franken is on 53 affiliates
2. Franken beats Rush Limbaugh in the Portland Oregon market
3. Al Franken is beloved by Democrats, liberals, Leftists, and Progressives nationwide.
4. Progressives are far more generous and compassionate than conservatives.
5. Paul Wellstone was a hero to the common working man – a progressive’s progressive, if you will.

Drum role please….

With the Friday show, May 20, coming to a close, Franken’s co-host, the adorable Katherine Lanpher announced that 181 people (including Katherine herself) contributed a grand total of $8,200.

Well Al, there’s always next year.

Oh, and just one more sidebar; you’re going to need to raise a lot more than that to run for a senate seat.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Franken Playin' with Racism

In today's patheic display of humor, or satire,or whatevr he calls it when he does something offensive and wants to be able to get away with it, he suggested that Black people are horses.

In their daily Oy, Oy, Oy show segment(the funny part of the show) Franken's partner, Katherine Lanpher, reads a headline and Franken responds like any old kvetchy Jew would with, "Oy."

So today she began with news from Bob Woodward that there could be a dark horse in the race for president in 2008.

Franken's guess; JC Watts

Then Katherine said no, so Franken wanted another guess.

As he was thinking out loud, remembering that Woodward said that the dark horse would be a "he", Franken said, "so it can't be Condaleeza Rice."

Monday, May 09, 2005

Franken remembers Abu Ghraib

I think anniversaries are important. And no doubt Franken does to. That's why last week he spent 2 days remembering the "horrors" of Abu Ghraib. In his blog, Franken tells Rush Limbaugh, as if Rush gives a damn what Franken says on ANY issue, that his remembrance, is NOT a celebration. In other words, Franken is once again, being defensive about accusations that the Left celebrates America's bad news.

So imagine my disappointment, when going back to the Franken archives I could find no anniversary or remembrance by Franken on the day that Saddam was captured by US troops. Or the anniversary of the fall of Saddam's statue. Or this weekend as leaders from around the world celebrated the anniversary of the end of WWII and the Holocaust memorial.

You'd think for guy who has a segment titled the "oy, oy, oy show," a light hearted segment using jewish sounding voices, that he would have taken a brief moment on his 3 hr show to remember the 6,000,000 killed by the Nazis. Especially since Franken criticized Mel Gibson's father for questioning aspects of the Holocaust.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Al Franken - The Ultimate Spin Machine

Last week, I posted an interview that Franken had with South Park Conservative's author, Brian Anderson.

The post, which you can read below (as well as others which are related), shows how Air America's numbers are falling in many markets, and the best defense Franken could come up with for his NYC market was that he beats O'Reilly for the 1 hour, 2-3pm, that they are up against each other. And even that claim hasn't been corroborated.

But look at how Franken describes the interview for

Franken: We had a guy on today, Brian Anderson, who's written a book called South Park Conservatives, and it's a conservative book on liberal bias and all this stuff and he attacks Air America in it. We had him on the show today. And he ultimately had to admit that our show was not what he was saying we were, or not what he was saying Air America was, anyway, and that I don't do what Rush does.