Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Franken responds to criticism over AA''s hype

Franken and supporters of Air America, responding to critics correctly pointing out that Bill Bennett, whose talk show began around the same time as Franken's, back in 2004, has more than double the affiliates.

Franken says, "they already had an infrustucture in place to expand his show."

Okay, Al. What about Rush Limbaugh, whose show began in the late 80's, had no infrastructure in place, and had more than 100 affilaites in just 3 month's?

What about the fact that you had more media attention and hype, than most hosts could ever dream of?

What about the fact that Bennett is just 1 of many conservative hosts already on the air, and you were the new kid on the block waiting to fill an untapped niche? That alone should have been reason for networks to run to grab you.


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