Thursday, April 28, 2005

Franken interviews author of South Park Conservatives

I have to tip my hat to Franken. Today he interviewed South Park Conservatives author and member of the Manhattan Institute, Brian Anderson.

Anderson, you'll recall, wrote an op-ed which recently appeared in the LA Times, which among other things, exposed Air America's lackluster ratings.

A few observations of the interview.

Anderson correctly pointed out Franken's sagging ratings right here in New York City, the bluest of blue cities nationwide, while conservative Rush Limbaugh's numbers remained steadily high.

Franken then said, as he always does, that he was beating O'Reilly in NYC (I guess beating O'Reilly is now the standard by which Franken can guage his success), and since Rush's numbers remain high in NYC, that's proof that there are conservative listners here. Extrapolating from that - conservatives can't say, well this is a liberal region, hence, Franken's higher numbers are a sign that he is more popular than O'Reilly.


There are limited conservative listeners in NYC, most of whom listen to Rush, who BTW, his show begins 2 hours earlier than O'Reilly's.That said, there are more people listening to conservative talk radio (Limbaugh, O'Reilly) from 12:00 pm - 3:00pm than those listening to progressive radio - in one of the most liberal cities in the country.

Secondly. Anderson cited the negativity emanating from Air America as the reason for it's poor ratings. He cited night time talk show host, Mike Molloy, comparing Dr. James Dobson's group, Focus on the Family, to neo-Nazi's. Whike Franken did not condone such vitriol, he went on to say thet Rush calls feminists, femi-nazi's. As I write in my upcoming book, Pants on Fire, Franken misled his readers in his earlier book on Rush, by writing that Rush denigrates feminists by calling them feminazis - feminists who believe that heterosexual sex as rape.

What makes this so appaling is that Franken claimed to have thoroughly researched Rush's program and his book, The Way Things Ought to Be ,before writing, Rush Limbaugh is a.... Rush defined feminazi in his book as being a very small radical group of feminists, for whom the most important thing is abortion, and that there are perhaps 25 known feminazis in America.


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