Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Franken don't like criticism

Brian Anderson, author of 'South Park Conservatives' was interviewed by O'Reilly this past Monday to talk about his op-ed, which was featured in the LA Times, questioning all the hype and so-called success of Air America.

The criticism was mild.example: according to Anderson, and I'm paraphrasing, AA is not setting any records in San Francisco, to which Franken replied, "we are doing very well there". Good come back, Al.

When Anderson pointed out that AA is # 24 in New York, Franken replied that he was beating O'Reilly from 2-3pm.

If Franken and AA can't even break into single digits in the bluest of blue states, does it really matter if he is beating O'Reilly or not for 1hr?

Even in Byron Yorks new book, 'Vast Left Wing Conspiracy', you can see how frazzled Franken gets anytime he or his arguements are questioned.

What will he do when 'Pants on Fire' is published and really comes down on him?


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