Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Franken Can't Take The Heat

One thing about Al Franken - he can't stand being called a liar, smear merchant, or having his well - thought - out opinions ignored.

In Byron York's new book, "The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy" York writes of his frustration in getting Franken for an interview for his book. Franken was hesitant to speak with him because he had written an earlier column, criticizing Franken's book, as well as gloss over what Franken thought was irrefutable evidence that President Bush had used Cocaine in his younger years. In his book, York really exposes Franken's short fuse and ill temper for anyone who doesn't see things the way he does.

On today's radio program, Franken talked about Mary Matalin's recent interview in which she was asked if she has ever read Franken's book. According to Franken, Matalin responded that she would not read a book that was chock full of lies (I'm paraphrasing). Franken then spent the next few minutes attacking Matalin. First for calling his book "full of lies",(which my book will certainly prove) then questioning how she could say that if she hadn't read the book. Franken was ticked.

He paused, and waited, then a chorus from his live audience in North Carolina, screamed out...LIAR!


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