Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Franken calls Israeli Prime Minister a "bastid"

While I have completed writing and researching for my book, Pants on Fire,I still have to monitor Franken's show because I never know when he or one of his regulars will say something stupid or moronic that deserves it's place in the book.

So today, during the oy, oy, oy segment - a g-d awful segment that Franken passes off as comedy, and is elaborated in my book, Franken referred to Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, who is visiting and consulting with the President at his Crawford ranch, as a "bastid" that's Franken's hardy har har funny Jewish accent for bastard. But Franken quickly qualified it with, "I'm a supporter of Israel."

Does this type of disclaimer sound familiar?

"The war in Iraq is immoral,...but I support the troops"

"Terri Schiova is a tragic story,...but Tom Delay is a hypocrite"

"The Israeli Prime Minister is a bastard,...but I support Israel."


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